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Welcome to Student Health Services

We are here to support your health and wellness needs. From illnesses to injuries to immunizations, our office is available for all matriculated students of Kean University. For more information about the services we provide, see Our Services  or browse through our brochure. Browse our website to learn more about different health conditions, to contact our office, to read our mission and vision statements, or to learn about immunization requirements. 

2017-2018 Influenza Prevention

Flu can affect anyone, but several lifestyle factors of University students can put them at increased risk of contracting the flu.  These factors may included:  close contact in places such as residence halls, classrooms, public transportation, parties, and sporting events.  Further, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, and irregular exercise can weaken the immune system, making college students more vulnerable to the flu.

Flu outbreaks can have an impact on a student's academic performance.  On average, when a college student gets the flu, they experience illness for eight or more days causing them to possibly miss class and get behind on assignments.  

Help Keep Kean Flu Free and win the New Jersey College and University Flu Challenge!

GET COVERED AND GET COUNTED:  Get the flu vaccine and then record it here:

Where to get the 2017- 2018 Influenza Vaccine

In the Community

Community Medical Care

120 Elmora Ave,  Elizabeth, NJ 

(908) 994-1500

$30.00/Most insurance accepted

(Also Most local urgent cares and pharmacies)

Most Walgreens Locations including:

1311 Morris Ave.

(corner of Morris and Salem Road)


$39.00/Most major insurance accepted

If you do not have insurance, ask them for a Kean Student Discount

Most CVS Locations including:

1178 Morris Ave

(Corner of Morris and Lehigh)


$41.00/Most major insurance accepted


Health Advisory - Updated December 2017

Get the Facts About Zika Virus by clicking HERE.


Sexual Assault Information 

No person should ever be a victim of sexual assault. Kean University Student Health Services promotes compassionate, safe care for survivors, family, friends, and significant others. Our office maintains collaborative relationships with experts in treating survivors of sexual assaults both on campus and in the community. We provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring your safety and care should you find yourself as a survivor. Student Health Services is a safe haven for students who feel that they have been victimized. Student Health Services is an advocate in the prevention of sexual violence against all persons.  
Learn more about sexual assault here.


Kean Ocean Health Services

Students who are enrolled in courses at the Kean Ocean campus may utilize health services at no additional cost through a contract healthcare provider. Any Kean Ocean student wishing to utilize health services at Kean Ocean may contact The Doctor's Office Urgent Care of Brick at 732-262-8200. For additional information about Student Health Services at Ocean, please download our brochure.

The Doctor's Office Urgent Care of Brick 
686 Route 70, Brick, NJ  08723


For additional information about The Doctor's Office in Brick, please visit .

ACHA 2017 Institutional Member 

We are a proud member of the American College Health Association and their commitment to enhancing the health and wellness of campus communities.