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2017-18 Academic Year Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition and fees for the 2017-18 Academic Year are being finalized and will be available in July. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Important Health Insurance Update

As of the Fall 2016 term, Kean University will no longer offer a student health insurance plan. The passage of New Jersey Statute 18A:62-15 no longer requires New Jersey colleges and universities to insure that students are covered by health insurance policies.  It was the intention of the Legislator and the Governor to enable students to select their own health plans rather than have plans selected by the school.

In addition, with the passage of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA), all citizens must have insurance coverage through a PPACA compliant plan or they will be subject to tax fines.  Therefore, the federal government has established health insurance exchanges that allow families and individuals to compare coverage and related costs among a variety of insurance companies.                                                                           

PLEASE NOTE: If you previously enrolled in the school-sponsored insurance, your current student insurance policy will terminate on August 14, 2016.   

Students who previously utilized the university-sponsored school insurance plan should begin the process to obtain new insurance coverage at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the current insurance, on or about July 1, 2016, in order to avoid any lapse in coverage. 

Students who previously utilized the university-sponsored school insurance plan will now need to find coverage from another source and must pursue one of the following options:

  • Students should determine if they are eligible for extended dependent coverage under a parent or other family member’s insurance plan.
  • Students should learn about their Medicaid eligibility if applicable, through
  • Students should access the PPACA insurance exchange through

When completing the PPACA application, Kean University students will be eligible for a special PPACA enrollment due to a life change (health insurance policy terminated).  Click here for a checklist of information needed for the application process. 

Students will need to provide proof that they were covered by a credible health insurance plan.  For students who were covered by Kean University’s plan, call UnitedHealthCare Inc. at 1-800-505-4160 to obtain the appropriate documentation.