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Student Health Services



Please fill out the Immunization Requirements Forms attached below  and submit them with your vaccine records.

Mail: Kean University Health Services, P.O. Box 411, Union, NJ 07083

E-mail: (Please provide your name and Kean ID#)

Walk-In: Downs Hall, Rm. 126. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Immunization Requirement Forms



The state requires the appropriate documents from all students to remain enrolled in a state university.

All students born after 12/31/56: Proof of two measles vaccines, one mumps vaccine, and one rubella vaccine (MMR), all administered after your first birthday and after 12/31/67. The two measles vaccines must have been administered at least one month apart. If records are unavailable, you can take a blood test (Antibodies IgG) to prove immunity. If non-immune, the state requires you to receive the vaccine(s).

All new students taking 12 or more credits: Proof of the three-dose hepatitis B series (or two-dose adult series as notated by the physician). If records are unavailable, you can take a blood test (Surface Antibodies) to prove immunity. If non-immune, the state requires you to receive the series.

All housing students: Proof of having received the meningitis vaccine before checking in to the residence halls. One (1) dose is required since the age of 16. All housing students are also required to return the Meningitis Survey Response Form.

All students enrolled in the International Studies Program: Tuberculosis (TB, PPD, Mantoux) testing results from within the last sixth months are required (BCG is not accepted). 

Office Policies: Due to the volume of records submissions by fax are not accepted; records submissions and/or record requests may take up to 5 business days to process



Student Health Services keeps the hard-copy of your record for only one year, when requested a computer printout is what is given to you.  It will contain what the state required at the time of your record submission validated with the office’s medical stamp.  A  Record Request form must be filled out, signed, and sent to for processing. There is no fee for record requests.    


Record Request Form



1.  Where can I locate my record?
Any prior school you’ve attended, your pediatrician, physician, health department, or your parent or guardian may have a copy.  If you have served in the military, worked in healthcare, or went through immigration, they may have records.  Remember to review your records and see that they fulfill the Department of Health and Senior Services’ requirements.

2.  I can’t locate my records/my record is incomplete – what should I do?
You can revaccinate or take a blood test to prove immunity. If you’re non-immune, the state requires that you receive the appropriate vaccine(s).  

3.  I have a record, but no one is available to complete Kean’s immunization form – what should I do?
Just complete the top box of the form and staple a copy of your record to it.

4.  Where should I submit my record?
Submit it to Downs Hall, Room 126; or mail it to Kean University, Health Services, PO BOX 411, Union, NJ 07083.  You can also scan/email records to The office does not accept faxes due to the volume of records.

5.  I’m a teacher/have worked in healthcare/served in the military/attended public schools/received immigration papers/etc – wouldn’t I have been prevented from doing the aforementioned without these vaccines?
No (teachers, for example, are required to submit TB); different agencies have different requirements, so what you submitted prior may not match the current higher-education requirement. Regardless, the state still requires submission of the record.  

6.  I’m off-campus/part-time/only take one class – why does this requirement apply to me?
Regardless of credit status or location, the requirement is still the law.   Health-wise, places of congregation (classrooms) are high-risk areas for spreading infectious diseases, so ensuring immunity is the safest action.  The law is for both your protection and for anyone who you encounter.

7.  I’m a returning student and I think I’ve submitted these records in the past – do I need to resubmit them?
Since the state gives universities permission to destroy records and since new laws arise, you would need to contact Health Services to see what, if any, records are on file.  If you receive notifications from Health Services, then they are not on file.  

8.  I attended Kean in the past – why aren’t my records on file?  
Your account falls in one of the following categories:
•    If you attended classes prior to 1995, the state did not require the submission of immunization records.  
•    If you attended classes after 1995, you were “grandfathered” into the university’s current database without submitting or resubmitting the records.  The Department of Health and Senior Services no longer allows that exemption.  
•    If you submitted records over 10 years ago, the state grants schools permission to destroy them, so they are no longer on file.
•    The hepatitis B law did not come into effect until Fall 2008, so the university does not have any hepatitis B information prior to this date.  

9.  I'm a current student -- do I need to resubmit my records every year?
No, once records are submitted, they are input into the university's database and stored for at least 10 years.  

10.  My prior school didn’t require these records – why is Kean asking for them?
The state requires that all four-year schools follow these guidelines.  If you attended a two-year school, the requirements differ.  You may have also attended school prior to the Department of Health and Senior Services’ regulation.  

11.  I attended Ocean County College for two years, and now I’m taking Kean Ocean classes in the same location – shouldn’t Health Services have these records?
No, Ocean County College does not require the records since it is a two-year school.  Kean University is a four-year school, so the state requires that you submit them to Health Services.

12.  Where can I receive the vaccines/blood tests?  At Kean University?
Stduent Health Services can perform the blood test. Insurance is required to complete testing at our facility. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 908-737-4880; visiting Downs Hall, Rm 126; or logging into Pyramed and scheduling an appointment under “Labs.”

These nearby health care providers have the vaccines and perform the blood tests. 

The Woodbridge Department of Health and Human Services Nursing Division offers discounted vaccines. For prices and appointments, call 732-855-0600 X5011.

If you are a resident of Union County (excluding Plainfield) and are over 19 years of age, you can receive vaccinations at no cost HERE.

Please remember to call any provider beforehand to check for vaccination availability and for any price changes. Healthcare providers are posted only as a convenience for students and are not affiliated with Student Health Services.

If you are a Kean Ocean student, Kean University Health Services has partnered with the Doctor's Office of Brick, located on 686 Route 70 (732-262-8200).  You must first call Health Services (ask to speak to one of the providers) to receive a referral to avoid being charged for your office visit.  For your visit, please bring your insurance card; the University does not cover the laboratory results or vaccines.

13.  Does my insurance cover the vaccines/blood tests?
Contact your insurance carrier.   The insurance company should cover it because it’s recommended by the Advisory Committee Immunization Practices (ACIP), but you would still need to verify with your insurance company.  

14.  I don’t have insurance/my insurance doesn’t cover these requirements/I don’t have any money – what can I do?  
You can contact your town’s health department to see if they offer the vaccinations for free or at a discounted rate. The Woodbridge Department of Health and Human Services Nursing Division also offers discounted vaccines; for prices and appointments, call 732-855-0600 X5011. For other affordable options, please see question #12. Otherwise you would have to contact a health care provider about payment options.

15.  My records will take some time to receive – can I have an extension from receiving a hold? 
No, as per state law, schools of higher education cannot permit students to register for their second semester until receiving the compliant record.  

16.  How long does it take for Health Services to remove my hold?
Within five business days based on the volume of records.  

17.  If I have a hold, can Health Services remove it so that I can register for my classes, and then either return it or un-register my classes if I don’t submit the record?
No, a hold can only be removed with the compliant record.  

18.  Will a hold drop me from classes that I’m already registered for?
No, it will only prevent you from registering for the following semester and receiving grades.

19.  Did Health Services receive my record?
You can verify if Health Services received your record through the following ways:
•    If it is after the submission deadline, you can check if you have a hold on your KeanWISE account.  If there is a hold, then your record is either not on file or incomplete.  All incomplete record submissions receive an email to your KeanGOOGLE account and home address explaining what is missing.
•    You can email and inquire if your records have been received. Please include your name and either student ID or date of birth.

20.  I received a letter stating that I need another MMR vaccine or blood-test proving immunity to measles when I’ve already been vaccinated for one MMR – why?
The state requires two measles vaccines, and your record only has one vaccine.  Doctors found that one vaccine wasn’t always sufficient to reach immunity, so the state requires a second measles or MMR vaccine (or blood test proving immunity).  

21.  If I’ve already received these vaccines but take them again, will that hurt me?
No, receiving the vaccine again will only boost your immunity.  Also, after time, the effects of the original vaccine diminish, so a booster may be recommended.   Please see the “Disease/Vaccine Information” section for any concerns.

22.  I’m uncomfortable with receiving vaccines – are there any risks with taking it?
The risks associated with the MMR vaccine are, according to the CDC, “extremely minimal.” Conversely, people face risks by not getting vaccinated; as the CDC notes, “Getting [the] MMR vaccine is much safer than getting any of these three diseases.”  Please see the links below for further information.    

23.  Can I be exempt from these requirements?
Yes, the state grants age exemptions for the MMR vaccine to all students born before 1/1/57.

For religious exemptions, you must write a statement, signed and dated, that the vaccine conflicts with your religious beliefs. 

For medical exemptions, your physician must state that the immunization is medically inadvisable, and he must state why.  All students who receive exemptions are required to leave class/campus during the duration of an outbreak and are required to sign a waiver. Also, medically-exempt students must submit yearly updated medical documentation.

Students who exclusively take online courses may be exempt from submitting vaccinations. In order to process a waiver, the Waiver For Students Taking Online Classes form must be filled out completely and returned to our office for processing before a waiver is granted. 

Waiver For Students Taking Online Classes Form


Select the links below to obtain more information on the diseases or vaccination requirements: 

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