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Greek New Member Education Guidelines

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Greek New Member Education Guidelines

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The Goal of Greek Organizations

Greek Organizations provide a milieu of intellectual achievement, awareness of social responsibility, social and personal development, and respect for human diversity. Fraternities and sororities can offer a rich and rewarding experience for those who choose to affiliate. Through the goal statement, the men and women in these organizations reaffirm that the purpose of Greek Life at Kean University is to support, maintain, and encourage the following:

A. Intellectual Awareness

Greek Organizations create an atmosphere that encourages its members to broaden their intellectual horizons and sharpen their academic skills. While collectively supporting the norm of academic excellence, fraternities and sororities provide an environment conducive to the free exchange of ideas among its members. In addition, Greek Organizations assist their members in the pursuit of scholarship and academic achievements by providing tutorial assistance when needed and by rewarding superior academic achievement.

B. Social / Personal Responsibilities

Greek Organizations provide an opportunity for their members to learn the meaning and practice of social responsibility. Greek Life involves the collective commitments of group living in which individuals learn that their own behavior has consequences for each member of the group as well as for the group as a whole. Through participation, the individual has an opportunity to develop skills relating to leadership and fiscal management. Participation in various campus, community, and philanthropic activities fosters the individual’s lifelong commitment to community service.

C. Equal Opportunity

Fraternities and sororities provide opportunities for individuals to learn to respect the rights, values, and beliefs of others. Students from diverse cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to participate in the Greek System. Activities and programs designed to promote understanding and acceptance of diverse populations are a critical part of the Greek experience.

In accordance with the mission statement in the Kean University Greek Senate Constitution, the fraternities and sororities at Kean University will offer equal opportunity for the participation of the individual regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, physical handicap, age, or sex.

New Member Education Guidelines

  1. A new member’s religious beliefs, ethnicity, and race must be respected during the new member education process.
  2. All prospective new members must attend a new member orientation meeting on university guidelines and state laws sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Service Greek Affairs.
  3. Prior to conducting a New Member Education Program, the president, new member educator and assistants must attend a new member education meeting on university guidelines and state laws sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Service Greek Affairs.
  4. No less than ten (10) working days prior to the beginning of the new member education process, each group should submit to the Center for Leadership and Service Greek Affairs the following items: New Member Education Programs, Prospective New Member Information Form(s), New Member Contract(s) and New Member Registration Form(s) prior to receiving authorization to begin new member education activities.

    New Member Education Program- which includes:

    1. New Member Education activities and duties, amount of time the activities will take and their purpose;
    2. Dates of sessions and tests on history, philosophy, traditions;
    3. Dates of chapter functions that new members are encouraged to attend;
    4. Schedule of activities designed to assist the new member’s academic performance;
    5. No programs can take place with other organizations during New Member Education, with the exception of community service
    6. Dates and descriptions of community service and fundraising projects New Members must attend and organize.
    7. All New Member Education programs must stop by 11:00 p.m.

    Prospective New Member Information Form- which includes: the name, address, Kean ID number, number of earned credits, and cumulative grade point average, for each new member.

    New Member Contracts and New Member Registration Forms - All perspective new members and appropriate chapter officers are required to complete a New Member Contract and New Member Registration Form for each new member.

    * All forms (New member-education Program, Prospective New Member Information Form, New Member Contract and New Member Registration Form) must be submitted together. Authorization for New Member Education activities will not be approved until all forms are reviewed and approved.

    Groups may not begin New Member Education activities until a New Member Education Program status has been approved and returned to the group.

    1. All university and state New Member Education guidelines relate to activities both on and off campus. All off-campus activities are prohibited, with the exception of pre-approved community service projects.
    2. Prospective new members must have a 2.60 cumulative grade point average and must have completed a minimum of 12 credits, including developmental credits, at Kean University. Transfer students must have a minimum of 12 credits accepted by Kean University.
      If the criteria listed above are not met, the individual will not be eligible to take part in the New Member Education Process.
    3. New Members must be given a minimum of eight hours of sleep daily.
    4. New Member Programs must be completed prior to the last three weeks of the semester. The specific final date of the New Member Education Process will be announced by the Center for Leadership and Service Greek Affairs on a semesterly basis.
    5. Individuals and/or groups are responsible for any activity that results in the violation of any part of this policy.
    6. Activities must not interfere with the rights of others, on or off campus.
    7. Faculty, alumni advisors and the national/international headquarters of any group alleged to have violated this policy, will be notified. All New Member Education activities and related activities shall be suspended during the period of the investigation.
    8. The consent of a new member or any assumption of risk is not a defense to any violation of this policy.
    9. State laws and university policies strictly prohibit actions which in anyway cause mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule; that endangers the physical well being of a new member, or requires a menial task of a new member. (Such activities include paddling or other physical abuses, psychological shocks, the wearing or carrying of conspicuous clothing or articles, engaging in public stunts or jokes, late night activities, and activities which cause extensive fatigue).
    10. By agreement, the Judicial Board of Greek Senate will hear any grievance of a new member. If the new member is not satisfied with the outcome, he/she should next see the Assistant Director for Greek Affairs, who will follow up as deemed appropriate.

    New Member Education Procedures In and Around Residence Life Area

    1. NO organized activity that violates On-Campus Housing policy is permitted (i.e. noise violation and any overt new member education activities). Group leaders must increase individual group members’ understanding of the policies found in the Residence Life and Housing Handbook.
    2. NO greetings to big brothers/sisters are allowed to take place in the quad area.
    3. Groups should be “in touch” with what is going on and assist with directing members and new members away from quad area if noise level is high.
    4. Individual groups must take responsibility for the noise factor that their presence and behavior creates. They must also monitor the behavior of others who come into the quad area to socialize/meet members.
    5. Given the high percentage of Greeks who visit from other campuses, it is imperative that a Kean University student be present when other chapters are visiting. It is agreed that when a Kean University student is present, the group will be more likely to be informed of campus policies and will be able to work with campus police and/or RL&H staff to address any questions, concerns, or problems that might arise.

    A Good New Member Education Process....

    ... Provides lasting friendships and mutual support of fellow Greeks who have been through similar experiences.

    ... Teaches leadership, self-government and democracy; you learn how to make and follow through on commitments.

    ... Allows you to become part of an identifiable group without losing your own individuality; learn to get along with others of differing backgrounds and lifestyles. There is unity within variety.

    ... Aids in scholastic development by providing a conducive study atmosphere, encourages achievement and recognizes honors.

    ... Teaches group dynamics; how groups reach decisions and function as a whole, a tool very valuable in careers and society in general.

    ... Exposes you to broad social experiences, with both Greeks and non-Greeks.

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