Selected List of Published Articles

"A Bassist Abroad," commissioned by the Classical New Jersey Society and published in its journal in four installments, December 19, 2002-January 16, 2003. The article tells of a trip to Brazil to judge the nation's first classical double bass performance competition, to perform two recitals of Yardarm Trio literature, to conduct two masterclasses, and to deliver an academic paper. Volume 3, nos. 16-20 (sic).

"In Defense of Arrangement." published in English in Per Musi: Revista de Performance Musical, vol. III, 2001 (peer-reviewed). The article discusses and calls for a change in attitude regarding musical arrangements, particularly those of chamber music, which are needed to provide the double bass, and some other neglected instruments, with a significant repertoire. The art of arrangement is compared to that of translation. Not mere historical arguments but discursive platonic, modernist, and post-modernist ones are marshaled.

"Viol Will: Anatomy of a Little Masterpiece," translated into Portuguese, article published in Per Musi: Revista de Performance Musical, vol. 1, April 2000 (peer-reviewed). The article concerns a piece of double-bass chamber music by Canadian composer, Paul McIntyre, written for and dedicated to Anthony Scelba and Katherine Harris and given its World Premiere at Kean. The article includes a full technical and formal analysis of the music, discusses its stylistic antecedents, and places it in historical context.

"Double Bass Chamber Music: A Call to Action," a paper read at Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh. The Edinburgh International Double Bass Festival ‘98 was held in the Scottish capital and sponsored by the Scottish Bass Trust. It took place from August 21 through 25, 1998 running alongside the prestigious Edinburgh International Music Festival. The paper extols double bassists to perform chamber music and to help bid a chamber-music repertoire.

"Le Tombeau des Flageolets," The Strad (Orpheus Publications, London. Solution to the problem of Ravel's notation of harmonics and the revelation of a mistake made by the composer which results in wrong notes and was hitherto never discussed in print. February, 1993.

"The Seoul Philharmonic", Symphony Orchestras of the World, Compiled and Edited by Robert Craven, Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut. A collection of articles about important orchestras abroad, 1987.

"Juilliard Revisited", Auditorium Magazine (Kaiksuk), Seoul: III (February, 1986), 14-17. Includes an extensive interview with Joseph Polisi, President of the School. Published in Korean.

"An Interview with Joseph Kim", Auditorium Magazine (Kaiksuk), Seoul: II (August, 1985), 16-18. Concertmaster of the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra. The first Asiatic and the only Korean Concertmaster on the continent of North America.

"Jo Ann Falletta: Rising Star", Auditorium Magazine, Seoul: II (September, 1985), 20-23. Story about and interview with the scandent female conductor.

"Philippe Entremont Comes to Seoul", Auditorium Magazine, Seoul: II (August, 1985), 14, 15. Cover story. Includes an exclusive interview.

"A Conversation with Itzhak Perlman", Auditorium Magazine, Seoul: II (August, 1985), 20-23. An exclusive interview with the violinist.

"La Mama E.T.C.", Auditorium Magazine, Seoul: II (May, 1985), 181-184. The story of La Mama Experimental Theatre Club and its founder, Ellen Stewart.

"Beate Gordon and the Asia Society of New York", Auditorium Magazine, Seoul: II (April 1985), 176-181. An interview with the Director of the Performing Arts Division of the Asia Society.

"Bach Unveiled at Yale", Auditorium Magazine, Seoul: II (March, 1985), 122-124. How the 33 newly authenticated Chorale Preludes found their way into the Yale University Library.

"The Avant-Garde in America", Auditorium Magazine, II (February, 1985), 68-70. Some Eastern influences manifested by avant-garde composers.

"Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center", Auditorium Magazine, Seoul: I (November, 1984), 222-224. About the Center at Waterford, Connecticut, and its International Playwrights Conference.

"The Road to Better Orchestras in Korea", Auditorium Magazine, I (October, 1984), 77-79. In-depth analysis of problems holding back Korean orchestras.

"Raising the Bamboo Curtain", International Society of Bassists, X (Spring, 1984), 27-29. Report on the masterclasses and lecture-demonstrations that I conducted in Beijing (Peking) and Shanghai.

"16 Days in China: A Musician's Tour", Auditorium Magazine, I (March, 1984), 166-171. Observations on my tour in January of that year.

Articles for the Korea Times (independent, English-language daily), Seoul:
"Sinfonietta Salzburg", 26 April 1984. Review of a concert.
"Rostropovich", 15 April 1984. Review of a recital.
"Korean Orchestras Enjoy Better String Sections", 8 April 1984. Korean an
d Chinese orchestras compared.
"Art for Art's Sake", 11 March 1984. Reproof of the Chinese government policy on music and the arts.
"Better Ensembles, Better Orchestras", 28 December 1983. The need for chamber music in a music school curriculum.
"Human Spirit Elevated", 14 December 1983. Importance of good programming in establishing a musically literate audience.

"Manoly on the Double Bass", International Society of Bassists, IX (Spring, 1983), 33, 34. Biography of the Juilliard professor who brought the Simandl tradition to the United States.

"The Chamber Musicians", International Society of Bassists, VII (Spring-Summer, 1981), 168-170. Biographies of Lucio Buccarella, I Musici, and Adrian Beers, English Chamber Orchestra.

"On the Reconstructive Edition of a Work by Domenico Dragonetti", read to The Texas Society for Music Theory. Annual conference, Baylor University, March, 1980. Abstract published in the Society's Quinquennial Publication of Abstracts, March, 1983.

"1978 International Double Bass Competition and Workshop", International Society of Bassists, V (Fall, 1978), 75-83. A detailed report.

"Don't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", International Society of Bassists Newsletter, III (Winter, 1977), 3. A refutation of Raymond Elgar's biography of Domenico Dragonetti in More About the Double Bass, Sussex, England.

Domenico Dragonetti: Grand Concert-Piece for Double Bass and Orchestra, 2 vols. Doctoral Dissertation. A biography of the composer, a performance edition and orchestration of the music. Researched at the British Museum. Published in part (see below).

"Dragonetti: The Man and His Music", Bass World, IV (Fall, 1977), 90-100. Extensive Biography of the first internationally celebrated player of the double bass.

"Manuel Verdeguer: A Modern Patriarch of the Double Bass", International Society of Bassists Newsletter, III (Fall, 1977), 83-87. Biography.

"The Soloistic Approach to Orchestral Music", Bass Sound Post, II (June, 1970), 6-8, 32-37. An approach manifested by an interpretative analysis of the recitative section for cellos and double basses from the 4th movement of Symphony No 9 by Beethoven.