December 5, 2005 - Jauary 24, 2006

Rena Segal’s preferred subject is a lake as she says, ‘down the road from where I grew up.’ She was nurtured by both landscape-in-the-raw and art-in-the-raw. The land outside of New Brunswick in North Jersey was rural then. Her immigrant grandparents had escaped from the Bronx to start a small chicken farm. Her father, the noted artist George Segal, eventually converted at least some of the chicken coops into studio spaces. The master of the plaster cast, Segal made those chicken coops famous. Not only did Rena Segal grow up surrounded by art, she grew up in the company of artists. Her father’s circle included the Happenings pioneer Alan Kaprow, stationed at Rutgers, and some of the early pop artists. She was born, she says, with a crayon in her hands. Her father never pushed her to be an artist but was obviously pleased with the path she had chosen.

John Perreault

The paintings of Rena Segal stimulate our senses. Flames of color and vibrant energy remind us that we are indeed alive and the world is still a wonder. The artist’s works take us on an internal journey, to a land of grand imagination. For some the response might suggest metaphysical frontiers. For others, the abstractions take consciousness back to the Earth. And while the source of Rena Segal’s images are found in simple, quiet New Jersey landscapes, the paintings are anything but quiet, contemplative perhaps, but forceful in nature. We are most appreciative to President Dr. Dawood Farahi and to Dr. Carole Shaffer-Koros, Dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, who enthusiastically support the growing exhibitions program at Kean University.
Together we are proud to bring this comprehensive show of Rena Segal to the Kean University community.

Neil Tetkowski
Gallery Director