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Contact: Millie Gonzalez

Dr. Patricia E. Moore of Kean University to Conduct M.P.A. Accreditation Review at Old Dominion University

UNION, NJ - Dr. Patricia E. Moore of Cedar Grove, N.J., director of the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) program at Kean University, was nominated by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) to participate in a peer review of Old Dominion University on March 17 and 18. Moore, assistant professor, and two additional site visitors will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the university’s M.P.A. program to determine re-accreditation.

NASPAA’s two-fold mission is to ensure excellence in education and training for public service and to promote the ideal of public service. It is the membership association and accrediting body of graduate programs in public administration, public policy and public affairs.

“To be part of the re-accreditation team to a university, especially one such as Old Dominion, shows that my peers have confidence in my leadership,” said Moore. “And when they look to Kean’s exemplary M.P.A. program, they are assured that we know what it takes to be a quality graduate program in public administration.”

Kean’s M.P.A. program seeks to provide managerial training for those individuals seeking to establish or expand their careers as administrators in government, health services organizations, environmental management and nonprofit organizations. In addition to these concentrations, a general M.P.A. and a joint Master of Science in Nursing/M.P.A. program are also available.

Founded in 1855, Kean University has become one of the largest metropolitan institutions of higher education in the region, boasting a richly diverse student, faculty and staff population. Kean continues to play a key role in the training of teachers and is a hub of educational, technological and cultural enrichment, offering more than 50 undergraduate degrees and more than 45 options leading to a masterís degree, doctorate, professional diploma and/or state certification(s). Five undergraduate colleges and the Nathan Weiss Graduate College now serve more than 14,000 students.