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General Procedures Governing Use of University Facilities and Grounds

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General Procedures Governing Use of University Facilities and Grounds

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  1. All events held on Kean University property must comply with federal, state, local laws and University policies. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organizations, groups or individuals to monitor events and ensure that all aspects of the event are in complete accordance with laws and University regulations. This includes fire and safety regulations, including those related to capacity and access.
  2. Security at events is subject to the sole and exclusive control of Kean University. Searches of individuals must be conducted by authorized law enforcement personnel. Use of University grounds or facilities in connection with events requiring security is conditioned upon timely execution of a security agreement approved by the University.
  3. University representatives must have full access to all rooms, facilities, and grounds utilized by any group, organization or individual at all times.
  4. Use of University facilities or grounds must not interfere with or disrupt educational, academic or other University activities. It is the responsibility of any organization, group or individual seeking use of University facilities and grounds to ensure that the proposed use is conducted consistent with these procedures.
  5. Organizations, groups or individuals using Kean University facilities and grounds cannot intimidate, interfere, or discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, physical handicap, or political activity, or union activity.
  6. Appropriate attire must be worn in all campus facilities at all times, including shirt, shoes, pants/shorts/skirts.
  7. Pets/animals are prohibited in Kean University buildings except for those allowed per the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  8. No program may be held on University property without express authorization from Kean University.
  9. Events may not be advertised prior to receiving a formal event confirmation and/or prior to execution and approval of a license agreement. Additionally, advertising for any event sponsored by an external organization must clearly state that the activity is “Not a program sponsored by Kean University”.
  10. Kean University is not responsible for materials, equipment, etc. that users or sponsoring organizations may leave in reserved or public spaces unattended. Users who choose to leave materials before and after events accept complete responsibility for the security of the items.
  11. Sponsoring organizations, groups or individuals are responsible for any and all damages and cleaning beyond that considered to be “normal wear and tear”. Any organizations, groups or individuals that show disregard for facilities and/or equipment may be charged additional fees, be denied further use of University facilities, and/or be subject to the appropriate sanctions. Sponsoring organizations, groups or individuals assume responsibility for any damage done to facilities or equipment by their guests. Kean University accepts no responsibility for damage to, or loss of any merchandise or personal property.
  12. Smoking in all Kean University buildings is prohibited.
  13. The burning of candles and incense are strictly prohibited in all Kean University buildings.
  14. Windows may not be covered in accordance with fire code regulations.
  15. University property (furniture, displays, equipment, etc.) may not be moved or removed from spaces without express written permission.
  16. Sponsoring organizations, groups or individuals are expected to leave facilities in the same condition in which they were found. This includes surface cleaning after events, removal of balloons, decorations, signs and advertisements. Equipment should be powered down and /or returned to its original location and the space should be cleared of all trash and debris. Additional fees will be assessed if the sponsoring organization, group or individual fails to comply with this requirement.
  17. Facilities users shall:
    1. Adhere to all scheduling guidelines.
    2. Follow all guidelines regarding the use of the facilities and the posting of publicity related to an event.
    3. Comply with all University policies and guidelines, federal, state and local laws before, during and after the event.
    4. Pay in full all charges due to Kean University for the facilities' use and the provision of ancillary services.
  18. In addition to the requirements above, all externally-sponsored events shall also:
    1. Enter into a license agreement with Kean University for the use of the facilities, services, and resources.
    2. Provide proof of Liability Insurance.
    3. Pay a deposit of 20% of the estimated fees associated with the use of facilities, services, and resources.
  19. University organizations, groups or individuals may not act as sponsors/agents for off campus vendors or organizations in order to avoid fees/charges for the use of facilities. Organizations, groups or individuals that attempt to misrepresent an event for this purpose will be held responsible for paying external rates and may have reservation privileges suspended.
  20. Organizations, groups or individuals using Kean University facilities and grounds cannot intimidate, interfere, or discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, physical handicap, or political activity, or union activity.
  21. University facilities must be reserved in advance by submitting a formal request online at Space is approved on a first-to-schedule basis; however, there are times during the year that are historically busy. Limited resources may make it difficult to accommodate requests for space during these times.
    1. Student groups are restricted from scheduling spaces during the last week of the semester.
  22. Violations of these procedures will be addressed through internal disciplinary procedures, legal process, and/or revocation of usage privileges. Interference with a speaker’s ability to communicate or the audience’s ability to hear or see the speaker will result in a request to cease the activity. Failure to comply with the request to cease the disruption will result in removal and a notice of suspension during which time a hearing will take place in accordance with University disciplinary procedures.
  23. Inappropriate or threatening physical contact, any threat of physical contact, malicious damage to property, actions that disrupt the freedom of movement of others and violations of civil and criminal laws are prohibited and will result in removal, internal disciplinary procedures and/or other civil or criminal process.
  24. Possession of any weapons, as defined under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-1, on campus is strictly prohibited. Violators of this prohibition are subject to immediate arrest and criminal prosecution.
  25. Applicable tax laws and copyright laws must be observed. Use of the Kean University name, emblem or identity, for commercial activity will not be permitted without approval.
  26. Events may be moved to a different location upon the occurrence of:
    1. Circumstances beyond the control of the University, such as facility infrastructure disruption and/or weather related conditions, or
    2. Unanticipated needs of the University for use of the space, and to best utilize space and resources, or
    3. Substantial changes in the needs or size of the scheduled event, or
    4. Subsequent disruption to concurrent events.
  27. If an event interferes with traffic flow or access to buildings, the University will make reasonable efforts to control traffic flow and access to buildings before moving an event. If a move becomes necessary, the University will move the event to either an agreed-to location or the nearest suitable location. Kean University is not responsible for any costs incurred by a user resulting from a change in location. The University reserves the right to change, alter or modify any scheduling request based upon the following considerations:
    1. Academic schedule and program
    2. Vehicular traffic
    3. Space and/or staff limitations
    4. Parking limitations
    5. Public safety and security
    6. Orderly operation of the University
    7. Previously scheduled events
    8. Construction activities
    9. Number of individuals expected to attend the event or interested in attending the event
    10. Weather, equipment failure, or other unforeseen events
  28. During an event scheduled outside the regular operating hours of a facility, only those directly involved or attending the event may remain in the facility.
  29. Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited without prior approval.
  30. Sound amplification on the grounds of the campus will only be allowed in the discretion of the University.
  31. These procedures will be applied consistent with any collective bargaining agreement applicable to the University.
  32. Initial appeals of the University’s decision regarding use of facilities and/or grounds, including denials or limitations on use, may be made, in the case of student groups, to the Vice President for Student Affairs and in the case of faculty or staff, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. In the case of organizations, groups or individuals not affiliated with the University, appeals of the decision may be made to the Office of Conference and Event Services.
  33. Appeals from the decision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or the Vice President of Student Affairs or the Office of Conference and Event Services, as appropriate, must be made as follows:
    1. A written letter of appeal must be submitted to the appropriate office within three (3) working days after the initial denial of the request for space.
    2. Upon receipt of the letter, the appropriate office must review the application and render a decision within three (3) working days of the appeal. In the event the proposed timing of the event does not allow sufficient time to submit an appeal, the University will consider expedited appeals.

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