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Office of Professional Standards

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The Office of Professional Standards, answering to the Officer in Charge of the Department of Public Safety/Police, is responsible for maintaining the highest levels of professional conduct for all of our personnel.  The operational functions of the Office include; Internal Affairs, Training, Compliance and Officer Recruitment/Retention. The Office will enforce the adherence to all Departmental General Orders in collaboration with the Operations and Support Services Commanders, to enhance the efficiency and professionalism of its members.  

Internal Affairs complaints are accepted by members of this Office at all times when they are on duty, or by a Police Supervisor at all other times. Comments (positive or negative) about officers or other Department employees may also be directed to this Office by contacting it's Coordinator, Det. Sgt. Annie Coll, directly as listed with the links on this page. The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for the thorough investigation of all complaints of misconduct against members of the Department of Public Safety/Police as per the relevant Guidelines of the Attorney General of New Jersey.

PLEASE NOTE: Recruitment efforts for the Department are coordinated with the Office of Human Resources. Nearly all positions within the Department, outside of senior management and including all sworn members, are in the classified Civil Service of the State of New Jersey. All applicable Civil Service guidelines and procedures are followed for recruitment to classified positions.

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