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Violations and Appeals

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Violations and Appeals

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Overnight Parking: If you are going to spend the night at Kean, your vehicle must have a decal to be parked in the area designated for overnight parking. This is the area between North Ave and the ORANGE curb/barrier in the Vaughn Eames parking lot. Parking along the side of the Orange curb is not considered overnight parking.

Visitor Parking: Parking area in front of the Administration Building is reserved for visitors who must check in with the security officer. Faculty, Staff, and students are not permitted to park in the visitors parking area, which is located at the Administration Building.

Restricted Parking: Parking in all of the following areas is restricted except for vehicles with special parking permits: Handicapped (handicapped license plates or placard required); staff yellow-lined parking spaces, medical parking, Day Care Center, First Aid, Board of Trustees, Office of Small Business, State Vehicles, service vehicles, and police.

Train Station Use: Parking in Kean university lots to use the Union train station is only permitted when travel is related to the university. Proof that your travel is related to business at the university will have to be provided upon request. Non permitted use is subject to ticketing/towing of your vehicle.
Parking citations may be issued to violators of Kean Parking Policies. All parking violations are subject to a $50 fine and must be paid or appealed within 15 days of the issue date in order to avoid late fees. Late fees are an additional $50 per ticket. Tickets are uploaded into our database within 24 hours after being issued. All tickets must be paid either online or at the Office of Student Accounting. Click here to pay online >>

**Persistent violators are subject to having their parking permit/privileges revoked by the Kean University Police Department. Persistent violators are also subject to municipal summons and or their vehicle being towed/impounded.**
If you feel that your ticket was issued in error, you may appeal your ticket online with the Campus Police within 15 days of the issue date. All appeals must be applied for online. Click here to appeal. Tickets are uploaded into our database within 24 hours after being issued. For all other questions, please email:

  • $50 Tickets can be given for the following:
  • Failure to register Vehicle for Campus parking
  • Failure to display decal
  • Parked in Visitor Parking
  • Parked in Faculty/ Staff Area
  • Parked on Roadway
  • Parked in a No Parking Area
  • Parked on Cultivated Area
  • Parked in Medical Parking Area
  • Parked in an Unauthorized Area
  • Not Parked Between Parking Stall Lines
  • Overnight Parking (permitted in designated area only)
  • Parked within 10 feet of a fire Hydrant
  • Parked in a Crosswalk
  • Parked Within an Intersection
  • Parked in a Reserved Space
  • Improper use of parking decal


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