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First-Year Residential Experience

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The Office of Residential Student Services believes education continues outside of the classroom. We strive to create an enviornment that supports the unique academic and personal growth needs of each resident student. We focus on four areas to help first year students transition from high school to college.

Academic & Professional Development

This dimension seeks to provide students with the opportunity to further develop study skills, explore academic and professional interests that will assist them in their lives beyond Kean.

Community & Civic Engagement

This dimension focuses on developing students’ sense of responsibility to the communities of which they are part.

Personal Development & Wellness

This dimension focuses on exploring one’s self and maintaining personal wellness.

Globalization & Multiculturalism

This dimension gives students the opportunity to learn more about their own culture and cultures different from their own.

Types of Communities

The Office of Residential Student Services has four types of communities designed to enhance the overall learning experience of the first year students.

G.R.E.E.N. Living (Gearing Residents toward Enviroment, Exercise, & Nutrition)

A community for students interested in learning about sustainability practices that help the environment. The residents enjoy a floor with eco-friendly programming.

S.I.M.S. Living (Success in Math & Science)

A community for students majoring in math and science. The community will help prepare students for their future career. 

W.E.L.L. Living (Women Empowerd through Leadership and Learning)

An all female community that helps empower young women while they transition through college.

General Community

A community designed to help students adjust to living away from home and succeeding in a college setting.

Educational Enhancement

The Office of Residential Student Services designed the A.C.C.E.S.S. program (Aiming to Create a Community Empowered with Student Success) for our residential students who might need additional resources to help them succeed academically. The components that ACCESS uses to help students make academic progress are: Tutoring Services, Workshop series and a Mentoring Program for those students who fall below the required 2.0 GPA to live on campus.

ACCESS Tutoring Services

Free tutoring in the areas of writing, math, and science are provided to all resident students. The ACCESS tutoring staff is available to assist students by appointment during the day and on a drop-in basis during the evening.

ACCESS Workshop Series

A series of workshops have been designed to help first year students succeed academically. The workshops focus on skills such as study skills, time management, managing stress, professional etiquette, etc.

ACCESS Mentor Program

Students that do not meet their academic goals during their first semester are assigned an ACCESS coach. The coach acts as a mentor and provides the student with support and resources that will help the student succeed during their second semester.

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