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Students Partnering with Faculty (SpF)

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2018 Awards


The Students Partnering with Faculty (SpF) Summer Research Program is a competitive program that was developed to support and advance student and faculty research and scholarship at Kean University. Full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty have the opportunity to submit proposals, in collaboration with undergraduate or masters-level graduate students who are matriculated in a program and enrolled in the current semester, for the purpose of attaining funding toward a specific student-faculty research project beginning by no later than June 15th of the application year. The project must consist of a minimum of 6 weeks of research during the summer and should be continued during the academic year. The summer research project should be different from research done in fulfillment of a requirement of the student’s academic program and cannot be used to earn academic credit.). Student researchers receive $3,500 stipends each (no fewer than 2, no more than 3 students per faculty researcher) and faculty research mentors receive a $3,500 stipend. A maximum amount of $2,000 in materials to support the student-faculty project may also be awarded. The Students Partnering with Faculty Summer Research Program is sponsored by the Office of the President and administered through the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.


  1. All full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply
  2. All students who are enrolled as undergraduate or masters-level graduate students during this academic year and will be enrolled at Kean during the next academic year in an undergraduate or masters-level graduate program are eligible to participate.
  3. A minimum of two students and a maximum of three students per team will be allowed to apply.
  4. The award period is May 1 to April 30. The project must begin by June 15th of the award year. The project must consist of a minimum of 6 weeks of research during the summer and should be continued during the academic year.
  5. A progress report must be submitted to ORSP by August 31 of the year of application and a presentation of the material will be expected during University Research Days in the ensuing year. A final report is required to be submitted within one month of the award end date.
  6. All items purchased must use the Kean University purchasing system. There will be no reimbursement for items purchased in any other fashion.
  7. All funds awarded must be used by the award end date of April 30 of the ensuing year. No carryover funds will be allowed.


The proposal will be reviewed by a committee organized by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Significance and scope of the proposed project
  • Likelihood of the project leading to a presentation, publication or exhibit on campus or at a regional/national venue
  • Likelihood of completing the project within the current academic year.
  • Prospect for advancement (both for students and for faculty member)
  • Type of interaction between students and faculty during summer
  • Type of activity supported for coming academic year

Additionally, the originality of the research and/or creativity of the scholarship will be considered, as well as applicability of the research to a community need or a significant academic question. The track record of the faculty researcher and undergraduate research supervision will also be an element in the review.


The President’s office will announce awards on the date established by the calendar for that year. Notice of the SpF award will be accompanied by guidelines outlining purchasing procedures and forms for the submission of interim and final reports. All administrative procedures will be coordinated by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs on behalf of the Office of the President.



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