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Students Partnering with Faculty (SpF)

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Internal Funding for Research & Creative Activity

Students Partnering with Faculty (SpF)

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The Students Partnering with Faculty Summer Research Program (SpF) is a competitive program, established in 2004, designed to support and advance combined student-faculty research and creative work. Full-time faculty have the opportunity to submit proposals, in collaboration with no fewer than two and no more than three undergraduate or graduate students who are currently enrolled and continuing into the fall semester, for the purpose of attaining funding toward a specific student-faculty research or creative project. The summer research project cannot be used to earn academic credit. The project must consist of an intensive summer experience (minimum of six weeks), followed by continued work in the academic year. Applications are accepted during the fall semester; deadlines are in January. Funding levels may vary from year to year. Awards are announced in February for projects commencing the following summer. The SpF program is sponsored by the Office of the President and administered through the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

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