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Kean Ocean Campus Life presents students at the Ocean County Campus with opportunities and resources to develop personally and professionally; receive the benefits of health and wellness resources; contribute to the community; and connect with students at both Ocean and Union campuses. 

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  • The Cougar's Byte 

    • The Cougar's Byte is the Kean University campus life newsletter where the Kean community will find information on all areas related to student life. 

Programs and Services

Co-Curricular Involvement

Funded Groups

  • Both the Ocean and Union campuses provide a variety of funded groups.  Funded groups are recognized groups that receive funding from the Office of Student Government and classified into four categories: Professional, Performance, Service and Cultural.  Each group's Executive Board Officer receives training that includes negotiation techniques, conflict/resolution strategies, budget management, event planning, professionalism, written and verbal communication, and much more. 

Involvement Center

  • Members of student groups have access to the Involvement Center.  Room amenitiies include student-group work space, event preparation, computers, meeting rooms, and "after hours" access to mailboxes, equipment, and technical supplies.  Gateway Building, Rm. 223; 732-255-0400X2491. 

Kean Ocean Programming Board

  • The Programming Board consists of students who research and execute events for the campus.  The Programming Board designs diverse programming experiences that extend beyond academic learning and enrich the following areas: Social experiences, personal and professional development, diversity, and community engagement.   Students are encouraged to become involved in the various programs to take advantage of the many opportunities that Kean University provides.  Gateway Building, Rm. 213; 732-255-0400X2199

Students Advancing in Leadership (SAIL) Program

  • SAIL engages Kean University’s leaders through workshops, lectures, discussions, activities, and games into developing students into premiere organizational leaders.   Workshops and activities range from week to week, with the goal of student leaders working together to plan, propose, implement, and participate in community service projects. All undergraduate students, with 12 or more credits obtained, and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Applicants are only asked to possess a desire to bring about positive change to their organizations and community.  Gateway Building, Rm. 215; 732-255-0400X7405. 

Student Government/Student Organization/Student Council

  • Student Organization consists of 12 executive board officers and up to 45 student representatives, who represent each class of senior, junior, sophomore and freshman.  At least five of these officials represent the Kean Ocean campus, with one student selected as the Vice President of Kean Ocean. 
  • The Vice President of Kean Ocean collaborates with the council representatives and Kean administrators to facilitate and meet students' needs and concerns.  Additionally, the Vice President also leads the Kean Ocean Programming Board in obtaining various co-curricular activities in the areas of social, cultural and educational development. Gateway Building, Rm. 213; 732-255-0400X2199


Health and Safety

Community Standards & Student Conduct

  • Community Standards and Student Conduct creates a campus environment where students can grow intellectually and develop by providing principles, values, and upholding federal and state regulations.  The Student Code of Conduct is a guide to Kean University’s community values, including integrity, community, fairness, respect, and responsibility.  Violations of the Code may be received from individuals, police reports or incidents reports.  To report an incident of concern, click here
  • For questions regarding the The Student Code of Conduct,  contact the Union campus at 908-737-5240.  The Kean Ocean Hearing Officer is located in the Gateway Building, Rm. 215; 732-255-0400X7405.  For safety concerns on the Ocean campus, please contact OCC Public Safety at 732-255-4800; or 732-255-0356X2200.  In the event of an emergency, call 911. 

Counseling Services

  • The Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, education and psychiatric consultation.  Students located at Kean Ocean may seek counseling services with Career, Employment & Counseling Services office located at Ocean County College, and appointments can be made in person or by telephone.   ICCT Bldg #22, Room 108; or Gateway Building, Room 227; 732-255-0400X2945;  

Disability Services

  • Disability Services provides assistance and accommodations for all students with documented physical, medical, learning, emotional and/or psychological disabilities. Such services are rendered in the form of academic assistance, testing and classroom accommodations, and adaptive technology and accessible resources.  To apply or to conduct an intake interview, students can contact the union campuses' Disability Services by phone (908-737-4910) or online .  The Kean Ocean testing Center is located in Library Building No. 3; 732-255-0400X7405;

Health Services

  • Health Services has partnered with The Doctor’s Office Brick to provide care to students of at the Ocean campus. The Doctor’s Office Brick provides comparable services to the medical office at the Union campus.  To receive services at the Doctor's Office Brick, students must receive a referral by calling Health Services at 908-737-4880, and ask to speak to a provider about the available service.  The Doctor’s Office Brick is located at 686 Route 70, Brick; 732-262-8200.  Brochure


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