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Dental Plans

Full-time employees have a choice of the Dental Expense Plan administered by AETNA Dental or a Dental Plan Organization program. Both plan types are briefly described below. The premium cost of the coverage is borne jointly (50% - 50%) by the State and the employee. Employees may choose from the two types of dental plans offered by the State. If you choose to enroll in a dental plan, you must remain in the dental plan you select for at least 12 months.


This plan offers a member the freedom to choose his/her own dentist and provides a percentage of coverage for reasonable and customary charges.


A Dental Plan Organization (DPO) is similar to a medical Health Maintenance Organization. The full cost for most services is prepaid to the dentist, but certain services require that the employee pay an additional co-payment. If the employee chooses a more expensive treatment, he or she must pay the extra cost. Services rendered by a dentist who is not a member of the Dental Plan Organization will not be covered, unless that dentist is referred in advance by the Dental Plan Organization. 

List of Dental Plans

Dental Plans Factsheet

Employee Dental Plan Member Handbook

Dental Expense Plan Claim Form

Dental Plan Rates 2018

Dental Plan Rates 2017

Dental Plan Application

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