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Health Services will NO LONGER use Advisortrac to schedule appointments. Starting March 10, 2014, Health Services will introduce PyraMED's online electronic medical records system. PyraMed will provide students with the ability to access, view, and control their medical information, as well as schedule appointments all from the comfort of home. To access the portal, you can visit and begin your registration for a PyraMED account with your Kean University ID# and date of birth.

Schedule An Appointment Online

Health Services is an appointment based office. You can schedule your own appointment online with Health Services. (You must enter all the zeros in your Kean ID#)

Health Services has a variety of professionals to assist in dealing effectively with health issues and problems facing students in the 21st Century. We provide students with Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians to meet your health related concerns. Health Services enables the "Student on the Go" to receive effective and beneficial medical treatment. Health Services is available to all enrolled full- and part-time, undergraduate and graduate students. Appointments are available to students registered for the current and upcoming academic terms.

What To Know For Your Appointment 

Please note that it is important to come in fifteen minutes prior to your appointment time in order to fill out the appropriate paperwork. If you arrive fifteen minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you will need to reschedule and will be charged the missed appointment fee. Also, make sure to bring your student ID or some form of identification.

To begin making your appointment, please visit: .
Sexual Assault Information 

No person should ever be a victim of sexual assault. Kean University Health Services promotes compassionate, safe care for survivors, family, friends, and significant others. Our office maintains collaborative relationships with experts in treating survivors of sexual assaults both on campus and in the community. We provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring your safety and care should you find yourself as a survivor. Health Services is a safe haven for students who feel that they have been victimized. Health Services is an advocate in the prevention of sexual violence against all persons.
Learn more about sexual assault here.


Public Health Update: The Ebola Virus

At this time, there is no risk to the Kean University campus community of contracting Ebola. The disease is not highly contagious but if you have traveled within the last 21 days and have a concern, please contact the Health Services.

Stay up to date, check reliable news sources, stay in touch with your university’s local contacts, and check for updated information on CDC’s Traveler’s Health website

Please use these guidelines, based on CDC recommendations, for further information.