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The primary mission of the Office of Fire Safety is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the campus community by providing fire and life safety educational and awareness programs.  The Office is also responsible to continually review all campus facilities and buildings to create a “built in” fire safe environment in which faculty, staff and students are prepared/trained and able to react, evaluate and decide on the correct action should a fire or life safety emergency occur.

The Office of Fire Safety coordinates and acts as the liaison with the Department of Community Affairs – Division of Fire Safety (DFS) to facilitate and assist DFS inspectors in enforcing applicable provisions of the New Jersey International Fire Code and related regulations and standards. The goal of this Office is to achieve a fire safe environment, while assisting the Division of Fire Safety Inspectors to conduct inspections of buildings and structures including those classified as high rise and life hazard use for compliance with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Code (UFC).

The Fire Safety Officer serves as the primary liaison to the local Fire Departments, and both local and Union County fire and code officials.

The Office of Fire Safety would like the campus community to know the general fire safety policy and emergency action plan that has been established for Kean:

Click here for Emergency Action Plan

Click here for Evacuation Map

Click here for Evacuation Roster


Due to fire safety concerns, hoverboards are banned from the Kean University campus, effective immediately. Hoverboards brought onto campus will be confiscated and returned to the owner at the end of the semester.

Kean University is taking this action to protect students, faculty and staff from the potential fire risk that the devices pose. It has been widely documented that hoverboards can catch fire while being charged and while in use.  

We urge the Kean community to report anyone using or storing a hoverboard to the Kean University Police Department at 908-737-4800. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus safe.


The University is continuously updating its emergency evacuation list of building occupants with disabilities and/or conditions that could prevent them from evacuating a building. The list is updated each semester and is only accessible to the University Police in case of an emergency. Emergency responder awareness of occupants with disabilities will help to ensure that all faculty and staff are evacuated to safety in the case of an emergency. 

To submit information for the evacuation list, please email the Fire Safety Officer for assistance.


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