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Your Refund

Withdrawal First Week of Classes 100% refund
Second Week of Classes 75% refund
Third Week of Classes 50% refund
Fourth Week & Thereafter 0% refund

**Above applies only to Fall and Spring terms. 
Financial Aid Disbursement
The process of disbursing financial aid to student accounts begins after the drop/add date published each semester. Before aid is disbursed, the Office of Financial Aid is required to adjust awards and the cost of attendance if the student dropped credits during the registration period. Additionally, awards may be adjusted if there were changes to the students’ on-campus housing status and after the third week’s attendance has been submitted by all instructors. Upon final review of attendance by the Office of Financial Aid, awards will be disbursed by the sixth or seventh week of the semester.

Awards for students selected for “verification” that are incomplete or missing documents will not be disbursed until all documents have been received, reviewed and completed. Verification is processed on a rolling basis and according to the date all documents are received by the Office of Financial Aid.

Students attending the full academic year
All financial aid funds are disbursed in two disbursements to the student's account. If the student is attending both Fall and Spring semester of the academic year their funds will be disbursed at the beginning of each term. Federal funds will be disbursed no sooner than 30 days after the start of the semester.

Students attending only one semester
For students attending only one semester funds must still be disbursed in two disbursements. The first disbursement will be after the start of the semester (federal funds will be disbursed no sooner than 30 days after the start of the semester) and the second will be no sooner than 30 days after the first disbursement.

Financial Aid
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