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Master Promissory Note

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Students who are borrowing through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program for the first time at Kean University, must complete Master Promissory Note


You may choose to fill out a paper promissory note which will be mailed from Loan Origination Center or you may complete MPN on-line. HOWEVER, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU SIGN THE MPN ONLINE. The online process allows you direct access to your records online. You can review federal aid history, consolidate loans, and correct application data. If you wish to do the on-line promissory note, please follow the instructions below. If you wish to fill out a paper promissory note, one will be mailed to you from the Loan Origination Center. Once completed, you should return the promissory note to the Loan Origination Center.

Enter the web address and click on Complete New MPN for Student Loans.

Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat software on your computer before you begin. If you do not, you WILL NOT be able to finish your MPN online! For additional information, please visit following web site

Please read and follow all of the steps and enter requested information.

Make sure you select “NJ” as the state, and “Kean University” as your school.

Make sure you fill out all blank areas, and read all of the information provided.

Make sure to record the three-digit confirmation code given in Step 8. (Code will pop up and be located at the bottom of screen.). After you finish reviewing your signed MPN at the end of Step 8, enter this three-digit confirmation code in the Next step.

To successfully sign and complete your MPN, you must CONFIRM ACCEPTANCE of terms and SUBMIT the MPN in Step 9.

Upon completion of Step 9, go to the "Retrieve MPN" option at to confirm that you have successfully completed the MPN process.

If you are having difficulty, you can use the “Site Assistance Button” for help OR call Direct Loans at Toll free: 1-800-848-0979.

If you are a student borrowing for the first time, you also need to complete the Entrance Counseling requirement.

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