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Financial Aid


In order to be considered for Federal and State Grant funds, students must first complete a FAFSA application. 
Federal Pell Grant
The Federal Pell Grant is a form of aid that is based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Pell Grants are usually only awarded to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or a professional degree. The current maximum Federal Pell Grant award is $5,815.  Once a student has received the Pell Grant for 12 semesters, or its equivalent, they will no longer be eligible to receive additional Pell Grants.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) program is for undergraduates with exceptional financial need. Pell Grant recipients with the lowest expected family contributions (EFCs) will be considered first for a FSEOG. Awards range from $200 - $1,000 annually. The priority deadline for FSEOG consideration at Kean University is April 15th for the following academic year.

NJ Tuition Aid Grant (TAG)
NJ Tuition Aid Grant awards at Kean University range from $1,794 to $6,224 and are awarded to students with the greatest financial need. Recipients (and parents of dependent students) must be a resident of New Jersey and enrolled full time at Kean University in an undergraduate program for this award. The award is renewable for up to 9 semesters. Continuing students must complete their FAFSA prior to June 1st to be considered for TAG for the following academic year. 

2016-2017 Additional Data Collection for State Aid (TAG)
Your eligibility for NJ State student financial aid (TAG/NJ STARS) will be determined by HESAA after you respond to a few additional questions. After completing the FAFSA, your confirmation page will include a link to answer these questions.  If you were unable to complete the questions upon completion of the FAFSA, please go to, and click on the link "Answer New Jersey State Grants Questions".  Note that it is REQUIRED that these questions are answered, to be considered for NJ State Aid.  

Special Notation for Kean-OCC Students
Half - and in some cases more than half - of the courses specified for these plans are Ocean County College courses, none of which can be funded with TAG or STARS II once a student has completed an associate's degree (or five semesters of full-time study at a community college).

NJ Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Grant
Grants per academic year are up to $1,400 for on-campus resident students and $1,150 for commuters.  Students must be residents of New Jersey with a scholastic background and financial need which might otherwise prevent them from attending college.  Recipients must be enrolled full time at Kean University in an undergraduate program for this award.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant
Kean University participates in the TEACH Grant program, which is available to undergraduate students who have completed at least 56 undergraduate credits and graduate students enrolled in an eligible program.

Note: Students enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification program at Kean are NOT eligible to receive the TEACH Grant.

Click here for more information about TEACH Grant eligibility requirements and program specifics.

Award Amounts
Effective October 1, 2016

Undergraduate Student Award Amounts

Aggregate Total: $16,000

Registered Credits Total Per Academic Year One Semester Maximum
up to 5 $931 $466
6-8 $1,862 $931
9-11 $2,793 $1,397
12 $3,724 $1,862

Graduate Student Award Amounts

Aggregate Total: $8,000

Registered Credits Total Per Academic Year One Semester Maximum
up to 4 $931 $466
4.5-6 $1,862 $931
7-8 $2,793 $1,397
9 $3,724 $1,862


Students do not have to apply for the TEACH Grant. The Office of Financial Aid identifies students who may be eligible and awards them accordingly. Students who meet the criteria will receive notification sent to their Kean email account with instructions to complete the Entrance Counseling and Agreement to Serve.

The following steps must be completed each award year:

  • Complete the TEACH Grant Entrance Counseling online. Be sure to read the conditions of accepting the TEACH Grant.
  • Complete the Agreement to Serve (ATS)  online. Be sure to read and understand your rights and responsibilities prior to signing this contract. 

*If you believe you qualify for the TEACH Grant and you did not receive an eligibility notification, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at the email address listed below.

Graduating or Leaving School
Prior to graduating or leaving school, TEACH Grant recipients must complete exit counseling. TEACH Grant Exit Counseling will explain the service obligation and the terms and conditions that apply should your grant become a Direct Unsubsidized Loan.

Email to make an appointment to speak to a specialist.

Financial Aid Disbursement
The process of disbursing financial aid to student accounts begins after the drop/add date published each semester. Before aid is disbursed, the Office of Financial Aid is required to adjust awards and the cost of attendance if the student dropped or added credits during the registration period. Additionally, awards may be adjusted if there were changes to the students’ on-campus housing status and after the third week’s attendance has been submitted by all instructors. Upon final review of attendance by the Office of Financial Aid, awards will be disbursed.

Awards for students selected for “verification” that are incomplete or missing documents will not be disbursed until all documents have been received, reviewed and completed. Verification is processed on a rolling basis and according to the date all documents are received by the Office of Financial Aid.

Students accepting Direct Stafford Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized loans are required to complete the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) if they are first time borrowers. Loan funds will not be disbursed until all federal requirements are met. The Entrance Counseling and MPN can be completed electronically at

Students attending the full academic year
All financial aid funds are disbursed in two payments to the student's account. If the student is attending both Fall and Spring semesters their funds will be disbursed accordingly within each term. 

Students attending only one semester
For students attending only one semester, only one disbursement is necessary and it will occur after the start of the semester.

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