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What is Cougar Link?

Cougar Link is Kean University's new online student group management and extra-curricular involvement tracking system.
In January 2010, Kean University partnered with Collegiate Link, a subsidiary of Student Voice, to establish an online student involvement tracking system for the University. Through the partnership with Collegiate Link, Kean University is able to offer the following tools and services to its students and recognized student organizations through Cougar Link:
Online presence for every recognized student organization or club that enables prospective members to identify which organization is best for them and how to join
Online Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) program – just by interacting with the Cougar Link system, every Kean University student will begin populating their Co-Curricular Transcript with their involvement
Students interested in finding out about events on campus can just simply view the Cougar Link flyer board, an online digital bulletin board filled with student organization or club activities. Utilizing the event functions allows students to RSVP, add the event information to an external calendar software and will allow student participants to reflect and provide feedback of their participation
Student organizations and clubs may communicate with their organization’s members internally without having to look up email addresses or phone numbers. Messages sent within Cougar Link from organization executive boards are sent directly to the member’s inbox
Organizations may hold online student elections to fill positions within their executive boards or just vote on actions of the organization
And much more…
Who Uses Cougar Link?
Kean University students are the primary users of Cougar Link. Through various organizational administrative roles, students manage most of the content within Cougar Link. Cougar Link provides all Kean University students with a gateway to involvement opportunities and allows them to document participation and their learning.
Student Organizations and Clubs 
Student organizations and clubs are the ‘backbone’ of Cougar Link. The majority of the content and information available within Cougar Link is submitted by students serving in organizational leadership roles. Through the management of their organizations, students can keep in constant communication with their organization’s members, post events for other students to participate in, confirm members and involvement that translates to a students Co-Curricular Trancript (CCT), and much more. Cougar Link streamlines many of the organization processes and provides tools for student organization and club leaders to efficiently manage their organizations.
Kean University Departments 
Similarly to how student organization or club leaders utilize Cougar Link, Kean University faculty and staff members may utilize the many benefits of Cougar Link to promote their departments and their events. Behind the scenes, Cougar Link allows Kean University to track involvement in a way like never before. Cougar Link saves time and resources by centralizing involvement opportunities and providing assessment tools to measure student engagement and learning outcomes.

Getting Started 

To activate your account, please follow these steps listed below: 

Step 1: Go to here  or visit the Cougar Link website at and select “Log In” on the top right of the screen.

Step 2: To log in, please enter your KeanGOOGLE username in the username box. Your KeanGOOGLE username is the beginning portion of your email address. For example, if your email address is “”, then your username is “kucougar”. It is important that your do not include the “” when entering in your username.

Step 3: Enter your KeanGOOGLE email password into the password box. The Cougar Link system utilizes the same data as your email account. If you change your KeanGOOGLE email password, you must also use that new password when logging into Cougar Link.

Step 4: When you log in for the first time, Cougar Link will take all users through its initial setup starting with Step 1: Update Profile. Step 1 consists of entering in the user’s first name, last name, campus email address and preferred email address. The preferred email address is the email address that will receive all system communications from Cougar Link. The last item to be entered under Step 1 is a profile picture. The profile picture is the picture that will be shown on all membership rosters (if the privacy settings have not restricted it). Profile pictures can be in any popular image file format (jpg, gif, or png). When Step 1 is complete, please click “next”.

Step 5: Step 2 of the account activation process is to identify your personal interests. By identifying and then ranking interests, Cougar Link will recommend organizations and events that match your interests. There are over 30 different interests to choose from. Please note that choosing interests is optional and not required. When ready, please click “next”.

Step 6: The final stage, Step 3, of the account activation process is to identify recommended organizations and events based off your personal interests. The Cougar Link system will give you a listing of all organizations and those organization’s events that are similar to your interests. You will have the ability to request to join, inquire about more information or RSVP to events from this final step.

Step 7: Once you are ready, you may select “Complete” and conclude the activation process. If you would like to make a change in your settings, you may select “previous” and go back to the step you wish to change the information on. Once you have completed your activation process, you will be redirected to the Cougar Link homepage logged in view and can begin to take advantage of everything the system has to offer you.

For More Information 
For more information about Cougar Link or if you are in need of assistance, please email


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