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Center for International Studies


Faculty and staff play a crucial role in Kean’s international programs. Here we list ways you can contribute to the internationalization of Kean University. Also, visit the Travelearn section for information on forms and procedures.

Participate in a Faculty-led Travelearn program
We are here to assist you in developing academic short-term educational travel to destinations around the world. Download the TL Application Approval Form, and review the policies , and tips in how to coordinate a Travelearn program. Make an appointment with the CIS director to discuss your proposal in detail.

Host a Visiting Professor or Scholar
Kean University has authorization to extend visa sponsorship to foreign professors, researchers, and short-term scholars to promote "mutual understanding between Americans and the citizens of other countries". In order to participate in this program, candidates must be professionals in their fields, e.g., foreign faculty or business professionals, whose careers will benefit from the proposed program at Kean and whose experience will enhance the faculty of the host department. Positions must be temporary in nature, not exceeding a period of three years. If you are interested in learning more about hosting a colleague through the Exchange Visitor Program, please give us a call or download our Visiting Professor/Researcher form for more information.

Cooperative Agreements
Cooperative agreements with overseas universities and institutions come in many forms and have myriad objectives; however, the primary goal of most agreements is to foster greater cooperation with an overseas institution or entity with the purpose of expanding opportunities for faculty and students from either institution to live, work, conduct research or study abroad. Many of the agreements are designed to foster a sense of community and sharing of knowledge for the greater good. Examples are Memorandum of Understanding and Articulation Agreements organized by concentration. All agreements should align with Kean's institution mission and foster greater internationalization of the campus. Please review the current Cooperative Agreements Policy. Make an appointment with the CIS director to review.

Encourage a Student to Study Abroad
The Center for International Studies values the partnerships with academic departments in promoting study abroad opportunities. Students often cite faculty, friends, and family as their primary resources during the study abroad planning process. Each person – faculty advisor, teaching professor, and study abroad coordinator- plays an important role in ensuring that Kean students get abroad and have a successful experience. Visit our Study Abroad section for additional information on countries and programs.

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