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About the Center

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Writing Center

About the Center

We Work with Writers

at the beginning:

understanding assignments

generating ideas

finding and refining a focus 

developing outlines, mindmaps, flowcharts, etc

recognizing audience expectations

working through writer's block

meeting writing challenges

in the midst of writing:

crafting thesis statements

structuring essays logically

supporting and expanding ideas

improving coherency and flow

using sources responsibly

strengthening arguments and handling counterarguments

anticipating readers' needs

near the end of their writing:

enhancing introductions and conclusions

revising transitions

reviewing formatting and citations

making informed choices about language and tone

varying sentence structure 

developing proofreading strategies 


Our Mission

We are committed to fostering a culture of writing. In this endeavor we aim:

  • to support the diverse writers who make up our student body, faculty, and staff;
  • to energize the teaching of writing across the disciplines;
  • to serve as a center for writing research.

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