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Survivors’ And Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program

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Survivors’ And Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program

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Chapter 35 benefits are provided for the dependent of a veteran who is 100% permanently disabled, or deceased, as a result of their service

  • The dependent can be either a spouse or an eligible child between 18 and 26.
  • The dependent may also be eligible if the veteran is hospitalized or under outpatient treatment for a service-connected disability that is total and permanent, and if it is      likely that they will be discharged for that disability.

Benefit Payments for Chapter 35

  • A monthly stipend based on rate of pursuit (full-time, ¾ time, ½ time, less than ½ time) will be paid monthly directly to the dependent for a 45 month period.
  • Extensions will only be given if the child is in special restorative training.

Please visit the link for individual rates:

Length of Chapter 35 Eligibility

Entitlement to receive benefits under Chapter 35 will last 8 years for a child and 10 years for a spouse.

How to Get Certified for Chapter 35
We will require the following documents:

  • VA Form 22-5490 (if student has never used/applied for benefit before)
    VA Form 22-5495 (if student has used benefit before, transferring from another institution)

Please notice the following information:

  • Students must apply for VA benefits. As soon as you receive your approval, submit all required documents to the Kean University Office of Veteran’s Services on the second floor of the CAS building room 208.
  • Every semester, you must visit the VA office for in-person enrollment.
  • The classes will be checked by the certifying official; only classes on the most current signed degree program can be certified to the VA.

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