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How to Choose A College Major

Gaining Self Awareness by exploring and discovering your personal abilities, interests and values. 

Orientation Session

If you are a first-time visitor you can schedule an orientation session by calling the Career Development or drop in during our office hours which can be located here.

Career Development Workshop

Undecided about a major, career, or job? This workshop examines personal interests, values, skills and the vast array of career options. Group discussions, workbook exercises and audio visual materials make up this exciting and informative workshop. Interest Inventories such as the COPS Guidance Program, Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator and the Self-Directed Search will also be utilized. 


Ten Ways to Job Search

Seniors, alumni, and other students looking for a job will find this workshop informative and helpful. Hints, information, and job search strategies will be presented. The internet, newspaper ads, private employment agencies are not the entire answer. Attend this workshop and learn how to develop a comprehensive and effective job campaign.

What Do I Want to Say On An Interview

A successful job interview is not solely based on luck. Preparation, techniques, and personal appeal contribute significantly to this important aspect of the job hunt. This workshop will provide you with useful information supplemented by videos and help you prepare for this important event-the employment interview.

Résumé Writing

Today's job market requires an impressive and well-written résumé. Join this workshop and learn the difference between a chronological vs. a skill analysis approach and develop a résumé that stresses your skills and accomplishments. Learn about format for scan-able résumés.

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