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Career Planning Guide

Freshman Year - Self Awareness

  • Identify skills, interests, and values-consider taking interest/career assessment tests
  • Participate in Career Development/Freshman seminar
  • Go to and learn to navigate the website
  • Research majors/careers that match your skills, interests, and values
  • Develop/update résumés
  • Look for part-time or summer work to gain knowledge and experience about career fields
  • Take courses with the service learning component
  • Consider volunteering as a way to gain experience
  • Become active in campus activities - join a club or organization

Sophomore Year - Career Awareness

  • Continue research and narrow career choices
  • Determine academic requirements for career interests
  • Conduct at least two informational interviews or job shadowing
  • Determine skills needed for your career choice(s) and create a plan to develop or improve them
  • Develop short term and long term goals
  • Update résumés and have it critiqued
  • Join a student chapter of a professional association related to your major
  • Stay active in campus activities and organizations
  • Meet with academic advisor for assistance with course decisions and choice of majors
  • Officially declare your major with the Registrar's Office

Junior Year - Academic Awareness

  • Meet with your academic advisor to ensure you are on the track for graduation
  • Make decisions on specific career areas and begin research on the business or industry
  • Participate in co-op/internship program to ensure you have practical experience to add to your résumé
  • View interview video and begin to practice
  • Attend Teacher Job Fairs or Career Days/ Dialogues with Employers/table recruitment sessions/workshops
  • Take leadership role in clubs or student organizations
  • Consider graduate school and obtain information on schools and requirements
  • Continue with information interviewing/job shadowing
  • Begin to gather Recommendations Letters and provide each person with a copy of your résumé  
  • Start to look for and build a professional wardrobe

Senior Year - Professional Awareness

  • Have your  résumé and cover letter critiqued
  • Consider your values as you select the companies where you apply for employment
  • Coordinate your personal calendar with scheduled on campus career activities 
  • Gather industry standard salary information
  • Attend local professional association meetings and remain active in student associations
  • Review interview video and schedule mock interview
  • Develop a list of prospective employers
  • Research any employer you plan to interview with and develop a list of questions for them
  • Take graduate school exams and complete applications
  • Keep notes and records on all job search activities
  • Be sure to follow-up each interview with a thank you note

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