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Career Development

Fact Sheet

How We Can Help You 
Our mission is to assist students and alumni: Planning a Career, obtaining professional employment upon graduation and advancing educational goals. The Career Center's philosophy is based on Four Steps to Career Success: I Self Awareness,II Career Awareness, III Academic Awareness, IV Professional Awareness.

Career Development Workshop 
Undecided about a major, career, or job? This workshop examines personal interests, values, skills and the vast array of career options. Group discussions, workbook exercises and audio visual materials make up this exciting and informative workshop. 

Job Search Skills 
Seniors, alumni, and other students looking for a job will find this workshop informative and helpful. Hints, information, and job search strategies will be presented.  Attend this workshop and learn how to develop a comprehensive and effective job campaign.

Interview Preparation 
A successful job interview is not solely based on luck. Preparation, techniques, and personal appeal contribute significantly to this important aspect of the job hunt. This workshop will provide you with useful information supplemented by videos and help you prepare for this important event-the employment interview.

Rèsumè Writing 
Today's job market requires an impressive and well-written résumé. Join this workshop and learn the difference between a chronological vs. a skill analysis approach and develop a résumé that stresses your skills and accomplishments. 

Interest Inventories 
Interest Inventories such as the COPS Guidance Program andMyers-Briggs Personality Indicator.

Rèsumè Critiquing Service 
Handouts with guidelines for writing a résumé are available in the Career Development.  Please contact the Career Development to make an appointment to have your résumé critiqued.

Library and Audiovisual Center 
Books, periodicals, career files, a vocational biography kit and audiovisual materials are available to help you research careers, learn about the job market/job campaign, and obtain information about graduate schools. The Occupational Outlook Handbook at which is available on line is an excellent source to begin your research about careers.

Individual Career Consultation 
After you have attended workshops, you can call Career development to arrange an individual appointment with a Career Specialist if you need further assistance with career-related matters.

Job Listings 
Employers seeking Kean University students have posted jobs on College Central Network. Visit to post your resume and view job listings. 

On-Campus Recruitment, Career Days and Teacher Education Job Fairs  
These are special events in which employers talk with students and alumni about employment.

Mock Interviews 
After viewing an interview video you can sign up for a mock interview. We will videotape and critique your interviewing skills. 

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