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College Central - Employers Instructions

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Your search for candidates starts online at:

Once you get to College Central Network Services page, follow these steps:

  • If you are working on your own computer, add this page to Favorites on your Internet Explorer browser (Note: Do not use Netscape.)
  • Click the icon for 'Employers'.
  • Take a moment to read about the services available to you.
  • Click Register Now

When you register for the first time:

  • Complete all the required fields (marked with an *) on the registration form.
  • Enter a good Company Description that will attract interest in your business and job.
  • Initial the EEOC statement.
  • Enter an ID that you will easily remember.

We must approve your registration. Once it is approved, you will receive a confirmation that confirms your ID and tells you the password. Once approved:

  • Go to
  • Click 'Employers', then the words Online Services.
  • Click Post A New Job to enter a new posting.
  • Click Search Student and Alumni Resumes to view resumes.

Visit and click 'Employers' often to:

  • Post/Update and Repost Jobs. Check Expired Jobs (highlighted in red) to see if you may have already posted a position that you want to repost. This will save time, as you will not need to type the job again.
  • Click 'Expire' for any active jobs (highlighted in blue) that you may have filled.
  • Search Resumes. New resumes are uploaded frequently.
  • Check General Announcements and notices of Upcoming Programs and Events. After you click 'Students' or 'Alumni' at you notice that General Announcements and notices of Upcoming Programs and events appear on the Employer page.


  • Add to Favorites on your office computer.
  • Keep your ID and password in an accessible, but secure place.
  • Keep your registration information current so we can keep in touch.
  • Check to see if you have previously posted jobs that would like to repost.

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