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General Education Assessment

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Accreditation And Assessment

General Education Assessment

General Education Assessment

Kean University Student Learning Outcomes

  • KU SLO 1 – Think critically, creatively and globally.
  • KU SLO 2 – Adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments.
  • KU SLO 3 – Serve as active and contributing members of their communities.
  • KU SLO 4 – Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines and enhance their skills in professional areas. 

General Education Student Learning Outcomes (effective Fall, 2015)

General Education Rubrics for Assessment

Assessment Reports

Assessment Documents are now stored in a shared Google Drive.  Please click HERE to view the files.  

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Archive 2012-2013

General Education Learning Outcomes

SLO K1a Introductory Bio1000 (2013)

SLO K1b Intermediate GE202x (2013)

SLO K2 K3 Introductory and Advanced HIST (2013)

SLO K4 Introductory AH1700 (2013)

SLO S1a Introductory ENG 1030-1032 (2012-2013)

SLO S1b Intermediate GE202x (2013)

SLO S1c Advanced Capstone (2013)

SLO S1d Overall Summary (2013)

SLO S2a Introductory COMM 1402 (2013)

SLO S2b Intermediate GE202x (2013)

SLO S2c Advanced Capstone (2013)

SLO S2d Overall Summary (2013)

SLO S3a Pre-College Math 0901 (2013)

SLO S3b Introductory MATH 1000 (2013)

SLO S3c Introductory MATH 1010 (2013)

SLO S3d Introductory Math 1016 (2013)

SLO S3e Introductory Math 1030 (2013)

SLO S3f Introductory Math 1054 (2013)

SLO S3g Intermediate GE202x (2013)

SLO S3h Overall Summary (2013)

SLO S4a Introductory ENG 1030 1031 1032 (2013)

SLO S4b Intermediate Level GE 202x (2013)

SLO S4c Advanced Capstone (2013)

SLO S4d CAAP Final Report (2013)

SLO S4e Overall Summary (2013)

SLO S5a SAILS Summary Report (2013)

SLO S5b Project SAILS Presentation (2013)

SLO V1 Introductory GE 1000 T2K-CSFI (2013)

SLO V2a Introductory GE 1000 T2K-DIT (2013)

SLO V2b Intermediate GE202x (2013)

SLO V3 Introductory GE 1000 (2013)

SLO V4 Introductory Diversity ID1225 (2013)

SLO V5a Advanced Capstone (2013)

SLO V5b NSSE Report (2013)

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