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English Immersion Program

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English Immersion Six-Week Summer Language Intensive

Summer 2016

The English Immersion Program at Kean University provides an intensive English language studies program to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Where better to study English Language than right next door to New York City? The English Immersion Program at Kean University focuses on offering our students the opportunity to live, communicate, and create lifelong skills and memories while studying English.

Enroll in the Summer 2016 English Immersion Program and take a credit-bearing course focusing on reading, writing, and speaking. The program is designed to ensure participants receive over 75 credit hours per week in intensive English Language skills. The program is designed to extend well beyond the traditional classroom. You will reinforce your classroom learning experience through activities and field trips focusing on different aspects of American Culture.

Enrolled participants who demonstrate a high level of English Language skills will have the option to take an additional course with kean University Students. The academic credits earned through this program are eligible for transfer to any accredited higher education institution in the United States or their affiliate partners. 

About Kean University

Kean is a not-for-profit public university established in 1855. We are located in northern New Jersey only 30 minutes from New York City, with our own train station on campus. Our fifteen thousand students come from all parts of New Jersey and the United States, and over 70 countries and cultures from around the world. As a comprehensive University, we offer over 80 undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple locations within the state as well as a campus in Wenzhou, China. The Kean USA campus is among one of the most beautiful in the country and our academic and residential facilities are world-class. You are encouraged to view our ten-minute video tour on YouTube.

Diversity Inc. ranked Kean as one of the top five colleges and universities, along with Cornell and Duke, in America. The University has been placed on President Obama’s Honor Roll for community service five years in a row. Our many education programs are ranked among the top ten in the United States as are the programs we offer for freshmen through our Center for Academic Success. All of our historical knowledge in education and programmatic excellence is combined to create and offer one of the best language immersion programs in the world: English Immersion International.


Welcome to Kean




Safety and Conduct

Please note that the Kean USA Language Immersion Program requires participants to remain with the Kean University Language Immersion group at all times; and utilize Kean University sponsored transportation for off-campus activities. Any independent travel requests must be authorized in advance by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in consultation with the student’s home university. Participants are expected to actively engage in all academic and co-curricular activities and follow all safety instructions and guidelines. The Kean University Student Code of Conduct ( is applicable to the actions and behaviors of all students.

1. Participants are required to remain with the Kean University Language Immersion group throughout the duration of the trip. 2. Non-program sponsored travel must be approved by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. 3. Participants are expected to abide by all Kean University policies, specifically the Student Code of Conduct. 4. Participants are expected to abide by all local, state, and federal laws, for example the legal drinking age being 21. 5. Participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions as outlined in the official program schedule. 6. Participants are expected to uphold the Kean University Alcohol Free Housing Policy 7. There is no overnight guest visitation during the Kean University USA Language Immersion Program.



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