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Publications (since coming to Kean University; student co-authors are underlined)

•       Toney, J.H., “STEAM – A Hothouse for Creativity,” SciArt Magazine, vol. 4, 2017.

•       Toney, J.H., “The War Memorial’s Tooth,”O-Dark-Thirty (literary journal of The Veteran’s Writing Project) July 31, 2014.

•       Toney, J.H., “Our Egg,” East Coast Literary Review, Fall 2014 edition.

•       Toney, J.H., “Epiphany, Cell Phone – six word stories,” Crack The Spine, March 4, 2015, issue 141.

•       Toney, J.H., “The Quiet Raspberry Wormhole,” (nominated for the Pushcart Prize) Crack The Spine, 2016, Anthology XIV.

•       Toney, J.H., “Prognosis Punch,” 2 Elizabeths, January 2017

•       Toney, J.H., “Too Far To Go – The Maple Stories by John Updike – A Review 2 Elizabeths, April 2017

•       Toney, J.H., “Science and Human Rights: A Bridge Towards Human Dignity,” American Scientist, 102(3), 238 (2014).

•       Toney, J.H., “Looking through the wrong end of the telescope: Faculty reappointment and tenureDean and Provost, 15, 1; 3 (Featured Article) (2014).

•       Toney, J.H., Abou-Sabe, M. “­­­Decentralize Egypt’s Higher Education”, Science, 333, 1703 (2011).

•       Toney, J.H., Stover, E. “Retrospective: Richard Pierre Claude (1934-2011)”, Human Rights Quarterly, 33, 1195-1197 (2011)

•       Toney, J.H., “­­­Societal Benefits of Network Science,” Science, 331, 1010 (2011)

•       Toney, J.H., “Academic Changes at Kean Univ.The Chronicle of Higher Education, LVII (17), A22 (2010)

•       Toney, J.H., “Break Down Academic Silos by Appealing to the Human SpiritDean and Provost, 11, 4-5 (2010) (Cover Story: Curriculum)

•       Toney, J.H., “Doctrine of Equivalents Driving Research?” [E-Letter] Science, 2 June 2010

•       Oelschlaeger, P., Toney, J.H., “Are Human Microflora Influenced by Environmental Exposure to Antibiotics?[E-Letter] Science, 13 Oct 2009

•       Toney, J.H., Fasick, J.I., Singh, S., Beyrer, C., Sullivan, D.J., Jr., “Purposeful Learning with Drug RepurposingScience, 325, 1339-1340 (2009)

•       Toney, J.H., “Advancing Human Rights Through Science,” Science, 324, 176 (2009)

•       Toney, J.H., “Big Payoffs Possible for Small-Molecule Screening ,” Science, 322, 46 (2008)

•       Toney, J.H., “Infinity,” a prompt for “Take a Line For a Walk – A Creativity Journal,” by Landa, R., Wadsworth Publishing (ISBN 1111839220) p. 12 (2011)

•       Subramanian, R., Toney, J.H. and Jayachandran, C. “The evolution of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry: toward the open innovation model – can pharma reinvent itself?”, Int. J. Business Innovation and Research, 5(1), 63–74 (2011)

•       Toney, J.H., Kaplowitz, H., Pu, R., Qi, F., Chang, G., “Science and Human Rights: A Bridge Towards Benefiting Humanity,” Human Rights Quarterly, Johns Hopkins University Press, 32, 1008-1017 (2010)

•       Oelschlaeger, P., Ai, N., DuPrez, K., Welsh, W., Toney, J.H., "Evolving Carbapenemases: Can Medicinal Chemists Advance One Step Ahead Of The Coming Storm?,” J. Med. Chem., 53(8), 3013-3027 (2010) (Perspectives)

•       Moloughney, J., Thomas, J., Costa, C., Bullon, K., Spencer, J., Toney, J., “Repurposing of Meropenem and Nadifloxacin for Treatment of Burn Patients?” Nature Precedings  (2009)

•       Feldman, C., Briceno-Pinar, E.A., Konas, D.W., Ruskin, M.S., Toney, J.H., and Wunderlich, S., “A laboratory analysis of total fat content and an examination of portion size of foods served in four New Jersey public middle-school foodservice operations,” J. Foodservice, 20, 264-274 (2009)

•       Chakraborty, G., Thumpayil, S., Lafontant, D.-E., Woubneh, W., Toney, J.H., “Age- dependence of glucose tolerance in adult KK-Ay mice: a model of non-insulin- dependent diabetes mellitus,” Lab Animal, 38, 364-368 (2009) (Article featured on journal cover)

•       Vassiliou, E.K., Gonzalez, A., Garcia, C., Tadros, J., Chakraborty, G., Toney, J.H., “Oleic Acid and Peanut Oil High in Oleic Acid Reverse the Inhibitory Effect of Insulin Production of the Inflammatory Cytokine TNF-a Both In Vitro and In Vivo Systems,” Lipids in Health and Disease, 8, 25 (2009). “Highly accessed” article

•       Thomas, J.D., Moloughney, J. G., Toney, J.H. “Old Drugs Resurrected?,” Current Opinion in Investigational Drugs, 10, 119-120 (2009) (invited review)

•       Berger, J., Sanchez, P., Toney, J. H., Thomas, J.D., "A Sensitive Coupled HPLC/ Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Assay for SPM-1 Metallo-b-Lactamase Inhibitors, "Assay and Drug Development Technologies, 7, 170-179 (2009)


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