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In 2004, Kean University established the New Jersey Center for Science, Technology, and Mathematics to meet the State's need for qualified science and mathematics teachers, physicians, and scientific researchers. The Center’s academic programs are designed to:  produce exceptional educators; develop well-trained research professionals, support and advance scientific and technological innovation, and prepare scientist-physicians to pursue the study of medicine in New Jersey.

The mission of NJCSTM is to serve the New Jersey region and Kean University as a multi-disciplinary scholars program in applied science and mathematics.  Through an integrated curriculum, we prepare students to be well-rounded scientist-researchers and scientist-educators.  The vision and goals for the Center are to be a home for our students throughout their careers, moving beyond offering degrees, to providing professional development at all levels.  With exciting program offerings, a culture that fosters scholarship and leadership, NJCSTM is a unique and innovative academic program. 

The NJCSTM offers the following academic programs:

  1. Five Year, Combined Bachelor/Master Degree in Science & Mathematics with two separate degree tracks:  Teacher Education (Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics) and Professional Track (Biotechnology or Computational Applied Mathematics)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Science & Technology: Biomedicine Option
  3. Engineering Science Scholars Program with NJIT
  4. Master of Science in Biotechnology Science

When applying for an NJCSTM program, use the following codes on the undergraduate application (Deadline– March 1st):

  • Science and Technology/ Biology Education
  • Science and Technology/ Chemistry Education
  • Science and Technology/ Math Education
  • Science and Technology/ Molecular Biotechnology
  • Science and Technology/ Computational Applied Mathematics
  • Science and Technology/ Biomedicine
  • Science and Technology/ Engineering Science with NJIT 

For more information about the programs offered by NJCSTM, please view our latest brochure.  To view a presentation about the STEM program and admissions requirements, please click here.

Through its academic degree programs, faculty, student research communities, and supporting recruitment, outreach and related resources initiatives, the NJCSTM aims to:

  • Train professionals in applied science and math with both highly developed practical and critical thinking skills and with the potential to further their professional development, and create future teacher-leaders that are sought after by school districts throughout the state.
  • Recruit students from underrepresented and urban populations and have those students return to and continue to serve their communities.
  • Create a community of alumni dedicated to the growth of NJCSTM and the success of future students and themselves in advancing scientific and technological innovation.
  • Maintain a multi-disciplinary faculty in which ideas can be shared and faculty can develop outside of traditional domain areas.

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

To view the mission and student learning objectives for the NJCSTM programs, click here.


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