The life of a child is chock full of amazing things; games to play, chores to do, school to attend, and a whole world to explore. At Liberty Hall Museum, your students will step back in time and experience a day in the life of a child in the late 1700’s. How were the lives of children different? What games did they play? What was expected of them? What would they have encountered in their daily lives? Discover and delight in the similarities and differences of a child’s life in the 18th century.

Colonial Days Details 
  • School Reservations: Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Morning and afternoon time slots are available  
  • Recommended Grade Level: Pre K-2nd Grade 
  • Program Length: 90 minutes. May be extended with time for lunch/snack and a visit to our fire house. 
  • Group Limit: Up to 50 Students 
  • Admission: $10.00 
  • Optional hands-on activity: painting a wooden top is optional and requires an additional $2.00 fee
  • 1 free adult for every 10 students, additional adults are $12.00 each
 Curriculum Standards
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