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Kean University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. Kean University's Music Conservatory offers three undergraduate courses of study in music: 

B.A. in Music 

Our B.A. in Music has a great deal of elective credits in the spirit of a true liberal arts degree, unlike the Music Education degree. However, we usually advise our Music Majors to take the Elective credits in a outside field that compliments music to make the degree as practical as possible. Thus many B.A. in Music Majors choose to enroll in minors or double majors in fields such as Broadcast Communication, Media and Film, or Business.

BA in Music Guidesheet

B.M. in Music Performance and Pedagogy

A music intensive degree with emphasis on performance and pedagogy, preparing students for careers as performers and/or private studio instructors.

BM in Music Performance and Pedagogy Guidesheet

Kean University also has two post-baccalaureate programs in

The Certificate Program 
The Second Major Program 

For more information and course descriptions, please click here.

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