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Verdi, Gail Ph.D.

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Verdi, Gail Ph.D.

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Dr. Verdi’s research interests include literacy development, process writing, urban education, second language education, and the influence second languages and dialects have on student success.  She has presented on these topics at local, national and international conferences. Dr. Verdi has taught elementary and early childhood ESL; composition at CUNY and NYU's Expository Writing Program as well as general education courses, language arts, and second language acquisition courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. She is currently serving as an Executive Board Member of the New Jersey Department of Education Bilingual Advisory Board and the Kean ASCD Student Chapter Advisor. 

Degree Information: Ph.D., English Education, Applied Linguistics, New York University; M.A., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, K-12, New York University; B.A., Elementary Education/Early Childhood, Seton Hall University

Courses Taught: Reading in the Content Areas, History and Culture of English Learners and Sophomore Field

Primary Area of Expertise: Literacy Development, second language education

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