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Alan Robbins is an author of more than 30 books in mystery fiction, humor, and design. He has put out 5 book blogs with more than 7,000 readers and his articles about creative work and innovative teaching have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines. Robbins has 30 years experience as an interactive and game designer and is the founding director of The Design Center at Kean University. He has formerly held positions as a contributing columnist on design to The New York Times and Newsweek, as well as a creative director and art director in graphic design, interactive design,     and advertising. He has won numerous awards and grants for writing, design, and teaching, including a Sappi Ideas That Matter grant. Robbins is a frequent presenter at national conferences in the areas of creativity, visual literacy, design, and visual communications.

Department/Division: The Robert Busch School of Design

Degree Information: M.A., Educational Psychology, Columbia University, 1973

Courses Taught: Expressive Imaging, Understanding Images, Visual Storytelling

Primary Area of Expertise: Graphic design and visual communications with a special focus on visuality and imaging.

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: "Bring your creative self to class.  Skills and methods can always be acquired, but innovative ideas, ingenious solutions, and daring directions are absolutely crucial for designers.  Be prepared to stretch your thinking."

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