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Mercantini, Jonathan Ph.D.

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Mercantini, Jonathan Ph.D.

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Among his major publications are: Who Shall Rule at Home: The Evolution of South Carolina’s Political Culture, 1748-1776 (Univ. South Carolina Press, 2007) and essays on slavery in South Carolina and New Jersey. He has received external grants to support his research on the history of New Jersey and of South Carolina in the 18th include editing an online edition of the Papers of John and Susan Kean and a number of papers and museum exhibits on various aspects of the Kean family relating to the history of South Carolina, New Jersey and America. Dr. Mercantini is also preparing an original essay for the celebration of the 250thJersey Historical Commission to plan activities for the 350th and 19th Centuries. His current research projects  Anniversary of the Stamp Act Crisis. He is also working with the New Anniversary of New Jersey in 2014 highlighted by co-authoring scripts for It Happened Here – New Jersey a weekly series featured on Public TV and online throughout the anniversary year. Prior to his appointment at Kean he taught at the University of Miami and Canisius College.

When not teaching, lecturing or researching, he can most often be found playing and coaching baseball with his 8 year old son.

Degree Information:

PhD in American History – Emory Univeristy (2000)

Courses Taught:

US History I and II, Colonial and Revolutionary America, The Early Republic (American 1787-1830), Pirates and the Atlantic World, NJ History

Primary area of expertise:

Colonial and Revolutionary America, New Jersey History, the American South

Advice for students preparing for your class:

Students should be prepared to read a lot of highly engaging material and to think critically and historically. Whether you already love history or consider it your least favorite subject I am confident you will learn something new about America’s history and how that history affects contemporary issues and concerns.

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