Faculty Name

McGill, Joseph P.

Faculty Department

Management, Marketing, and International Business

McGill, Joseph P.

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Dr. McGill became an academic after many years as a practicing manager in high technology industries (most recently Alcatel-Lucent and Avaya). Companies and organizations are fascinating subjects in that they survive or fail based on the decisions they make, and each of us is affected as a consequence – as employees, customers, suppliers, shareowners, etc. In addition to teaching at Kean McGill has spent time on research in China and, more recently, as a Fulbright Scholar in Greece where he researched alliances in the short sea shipping industry.

Degree Information:

Ph.D. Management, Rutgers

Courses Taught:

Business Strategy, Management

Primary area of expertise:

Dr. McGills research focuses on global strategic alliances in high-technology industries such as biotechnology and communications. He investigates how competition and cooperation between alliance partners affect strategic alliance formation, alliance governance, and firm performance.

Advice for students preparing for your class: 

Bring your observations and experiences to the class – learning in the classroom depends not only on the instructor and the material, but also on students sharing knowledge with each other.


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