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Ms. Landa has written more than twenty books on design, creativity, advertising, branding, and drawing, many of which have been adopted by universities worldwide as the basis for their curricula. Her publications include DRAW! The Guided Sketchbook That Teaches You How To Draw (Pearson/Peachpit, 2014); Build Your Own Brand (HOW Books, 2013); Graphic Design Solutions, 5th edition (Wadsworth, 2012); Advertising by Design, 2nd edition (Wiley, 2011); and Designing Brand Experiences (Thompson, 2009). Recently named one of the "Great Teachers of Our Time" by The Carnegie Foundation, Ms. Landa has been honored by The National Society of Arts and Letters, The National League of Pen Women, Creativity, a New Jersey Authors Award, the Art Directors Club of New Jersey, Graphic Design USA, and Rowan University Design Education. She received Kean’s Professor of the Year Award in 2013. 

Degree Information: M.F.A., Fine Art and Design, Queens College, CUNY

Courses Taught: Promotional Design, Design for Advertising, Advertising II, and Graphic Design Fundamentals. 

Primary Area of Expertise: Advertising design, graphic design, and transmedia branding.

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: In Ms. Landa’s class, students learn to ask themselves: "Is my idea flexible? Is it entertaining? Informational? Does it have value? Will it positively impact society? Does the idea inspire unique content that people will share? How will the idea manifest and function media-specifically for the capabilities of specific channels and platforms? Be prepared to use your critical and creative thinking to understand how to make a brand social, and how to create content people will find engaging and relevant or beneficial."


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