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Hofmeister, Clemens

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Management, Marketing, and International Business

Hofmeister, Clemens

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Prof. Clemens Hofmeister received a Master of Science in Business Administration and a European Master of Business Sciences from the Universities of Regensburg and Reading. After successfully completing a Master of Philosophy degree in Chinese Studies, Economics and Management at the Universities of Cambridge and Peking (China Centre for Economic Research), he decided to pursue his Ph.D. at Clare Hall College, Cambridge.

As a ‘Seung Jun Lee’ Scholar he conducted in-depth fieldwork in Yunnan province as well as countries of the Greater Mekong sub-region. His thesis analyzes the unique conditions of China’s border province Yunnan that limit the impact of the global economy (Barriers to FDI inflow). He worked as an Assistant Professor of business ethics/corporate governance and business statistics in Liaoning Province, in the People’s Republic of China.

In his current position, Assistant Professor Hofmeister coordinates and teaches courses in international management and business statistics/econometrics at Kean’s branch campus in Wenzhou, China. He chairs the Faculty Advisory Committee for University Advancement.

His latest research project evaluates the influence of the China-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Free Trade Area on China's southwestern border provinces and also touches upon India's rising influence on the ASEAN countries. He presented portions of his research results at Harvard, Columbia and Cologne University.

Degree Information:                                                                           

Dipl.-Kfm. (univ); M.Phil. (cantab); EMBS

(2014 Expected) Ph.D. in Chinese Economics | University of Cambridge (UK), Clare Hall College

Dipl.-Kfm. Business Administration | University of Regensburg (GER)

M.Phil. Chinese Studies & Economics | University of Cambridge (UK), Peking University (China)

EMBS Business Administration | University of Reading (UK)

 Courses Taught:

MGS 2150: Business Statistics and Application

MGS 2030: Principles of Management

Research Support Seminar: Introduction to STATA 13

Primary area of expertise:

* Theoretical and Applied Econometrics - Cross-section models and static/dynamic panel-data models with cross-sectional/spatial interactions; Dynamic/static nonlinear models, and corresponding maximum likelihood and GMM estimation theory.

* China-ASEAN Economic Integration - regional disparities and effectiveness of governments’ regional policies

* Foreign Trade & International Competitiveness of Emerging Asian Economies

Advice for students preparing for your class:

To succeed in statistics/econometrics you must practice, practice and practice some more! Reading and understanding the chapter is not enough. You need to solve questions on your own without looking at the solution. If you read the question and do not know what to do, get your textbook and your notes and use them to help figure out what to do. If you still are not confident that you have got the right answer, talk with a classmate or your professor. Do not rob yourself of the problem solving learning experience by reading the solution before you have really tried to solve the question.




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