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Hayat, Eric Ph.D.

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Hayat, Eric Ph.D.

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Dr. Hayat has published chapters in 54 books, and authored 10 of them. Seven major publishers have published his books: Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Academic Press, McGraw-Hill, Plenum Press, CRC Press, and Van Nostrand  Reinhold Company. Dr. Hayat’s books have been published in Japanese. He has also published a large number of articles in scientific journals and established the Electron Microscopy Center at Kean University.

Degree Information: Ph.D., Biology, Indiana University    

Courses Taught: Electron Microscopy; Cell Biology; Seminar

Primary Area of Expertise: Electron microscopy, cell biology, cancer, health and disease.

Advice For Students Preparing for Your Class:  "Read the books and work very hard."

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