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Gronewold, Sue Ph.D.

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Dr. Gronewold was originally a French major who became interested in China after traveling there at the end of the Maoist era. She was the Lecturer on Asia at the Museum of Natural History and was very interested in material culture and peoples’ daily lives, especially the lives of women. Dr. Gronewold has taught all ages from schoolchildren at the museum to senior citizens both at the museum and at Marist College, where she taught Asian history for 10 years. Dr. Gronewold is passionate about all types of Asian culture, but particularly contemporary art, films, and, of course, food.

Degree Information: Ph.D., Modern Chinese History, Columbia University; M.A., Columbia University, Modern Chinese History; M.A., University of Wisconsin, History and Education; B.A., University of Wisconsin, History and French    

Courses Taught: History of Modern China, History of Modern Japan, Women of Asia, History of Genocide in Asia, Asia I and II, History of Diplomacy in Asia, Worlds of History, Senior Seminar in History.

Primary Area of Expertise: Asian history. Major topics include women’s history, history of sex work and trafficking, transnational encounters especially the history of missionaries in China and how Christianity became an East Asian religion, East-West exchanges from the Silk Road to first American ships to China to globalization today. Asians in the Americas.  

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: “Start off by reviewing geography and be prepared to talk about Asian cultures. There will be many short assignments so plan to keep up with the work. Prepare for a research paper in every course by reviewing writing tips and footnoting style.”

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