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Field, Patrick R. Ph.D.

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Dr. Field has been a Kean faculty member for 17 years and served as Chair of the search committee for 10 faculty lines. He is a member of departmental Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion committees for Biological Sciences, Occupational Therapy and STEM; and the Retention and Tenure committee for the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences. Dr. Field was also elected to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Degree Information: Ph.D., Anatomical Sciences and Neuroscience, University of Maryland; B.A., Biological Sciences from University of Richmond; B.S., Biology Education, Virginia Commonwealth University

Courses Taught: Graduate: Human Gross Anatomy and Advanced Neuroscience; Undergraduate: Basic Gross Anatomy, Neuroscience, Integrative Biology Seminar (Senior Seminar), and the study abroad course History of Biological Innovation.

Primary Area of Expertise: Pedagogical research of clinical case study use in Human Gross Anatomy, Neuroscience and Senior Seminar. Original case studies and research published exclusively in the Journal of College Science Teaching (NSTA) and on the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science URL, of which he is a frequent reviewer.

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class:  "My students have described me as being challenging, but fair. It is my mission to make sure that my students do not simply memorize the vast amounts of information, but also be able to apply it in the real-world clinical situations that they will encounter in their chosen professions."

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