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Professor Edgley enjoys working with both freshman and senior level classes, striving to give her students the knowledge to be self-sufficient and successful.  

She believes her 10 years of retail experience, managing in various industries for four of those years, helps the interpersonal and management skills that aid in teaching. Professor Edgley has also been an instructor of physical fitness for two years, preparing and facilitating workouts for group classes. 

When she teaches Public Speaking, Professor Edgley focuses on each student as an individual to determine the areas in their speech development that need the most improvement.  

Degree Information: Working towards an Ed.D in Leadership – Higher Education, City University of Seattle;  Global Leadership College, TESOL Certification, 2014; M.A. Communication Studies, Kean University, 2010; B.A. Communication Studies, Kean University, 2006, certificate in training and development. 

Courses Taught: Communication as Critical Citizenship, Persuasive Communication, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Intermediate Reading and Writing. 

Primary Area of Expertise: Communication, with a focus on public relations.

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: "Begin to self-reflect and form a deep desire to understand the human dynamic."


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