Faculty Name

Barbiere, Mario C. Ph.D.

Faculty Department

Elementary, Middle, Secondary Education

Barbiere, Mario C. Ph.D.

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In his role at the Regional Achievement Center, Dr. Barbiere works in partnership with struggling schools that have a wide achievement gap between the highest performing subgroup and the two lowest. He aids those districts to set clear goals for student growth, put proven turnaround principles into action, and use data to drive decision-making and accountability. His educational career includes the roles of teacher, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, superintendent, and associate professor, as well as Network Turnaround Officer as part of the School Improvement Grant in Newark Public Schools. He is currently writing a book: Teaching to The Learner’s Brain: Instruction and Self Regulation which focuses on using brain research for instructional delivery and promoting student self regulation.

Degree Information: Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Finance, and Management, Seton Hall University.

Courses Taught: School Supervision and Organizational Theory, Public School Administration II, Curriculum Evaluation and Development: Theory and Practice.

Primary Area of Expertise: Education - Curriculum development, administrative lectureship  and school turnaround.

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: "Be prepared to hear the latest information about school turnaround, teacher evaluations and any new state initiative so that you will be current and well informed. With decades of administrative experience, the students will receive a mixture or theory and practice for effective leadership."

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