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Argote-Freyre, Frank Ph.D.

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Argote-Freyre, Frank Ph.D.

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Dr. Argote-Freyre’s first book, Fulgencio Batista: From Revolutionary to Strongman was published in 2006. His second book, A Brief History of the Caribbean, coauthored with Danilo Figueredo, was published in 2008. He was assistant editor of thea Encyclopedia of Cuba (2003). Earlier in his career, he worked as a journalist and columnist for 10 years and as a congressional press secretary.

Argote-Freyre is involved in many social causes, including the struggle for immigrant rights and social justice. He serves as Chair of the New Jersey Commission on New Americans and is the President of the Latino Action Network and Director of the Latino Coalition.

Degree Information:  Rutgers University, Latin American History/minor in World History, Ph.D., 2004; Rutgers University, History and Psychology, Paul Robeson Scholar, B.A. 1983. 

Courses Taught: History of Cuba, History of the Caribbean, History of Brazil, History of Mexico, Latinos in the United States, Modern Latin America and Colonial Latin America.  

Primary Area of Expertise: History and Latin America history.

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