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Amorino, Joseph S.

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Dr. Amorino has worked as a professional artist, educator, researcher and author for more than 30 years.  His research and teaching provides future art educators with analytical understandings about the psycho-intellectual origins of artistic expression as they unfold in the developing child and adolescent.  Dr. Amorino’s numerous articles have been featured journals including Studies in Art Education, Art Education and Phi Delta Kappan. 

Degree Information: Ed.D. at Columbia University Teachers College    

Courses Taught: Art Education I & II, Foundations of Graduate Study in Art Education I & ll,  Meaning Making in the Visual Arts, Field Experiences in Multicultural Art Education Settings

Primary Area of Expertise: Art education with a specialization in the psycho-intellectual origins of the artistic process and implications to global intelligence and emotional literacy.

Advice To Students Preparing for Your Class: Dr. Amorino seeks serious, responsible and academically strong students that are prepared for an intellectually challenging course of study.  Admission to the Art Education Program is competitive. Interested students should contact Dr. Amorino as early as possible to schedule an interview.  The program is writing and reading intensive, demands a clearly developing practice in the studio arts, and requires strong organizational skills.  To ensure retention in the program, accepted students are required not only to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above but also to exhibit professional performance by responsibly meeting all deadlines, expectations and requirements in courses and fieldwork.

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