Faculty Name

Abraham, Thomas Ph.D.

Faculty Department

Management, Marketing, and International Business

Abraham, Thomas Ph.D.

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Dr. Abraham was the program coordinator of the Master of Science in Management Information Systems for 10 years and then chaired the department of Management for five years. He has conducted research and published in the areas of information systems education and more recently in the area of sustainable information systems.  He has also worked as a programmer, a systems analyst, and a consultant.

Department/Division: Management, Marketing and International Business

Degree Information: Ph.D., Management Information Systems, University of Massachusetts

Courses Taught: Management Information Systems, Operations Management, Principles of Management. At the graduate level, Systems Design and Management of Information Technology.

Primary Area of Expertise: Global business sustainability, with an emphasis on information technology and innovation.

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: “Approach my class as an opportunity to learn and to grow into the person and professional you wish to be. Show up to class regularly and on time and well-prepared. Participate enthusiastically in class discussions and in team projects. Talk to me and to your team about any issues that come up. Ask for help when you need it and offer to help when you can.”




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