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Kean University utilizes CampusAlert™, a notification system for Campus Crisis Management and First Responder Communication provided by MIR3. CampusAlert™ is a secure notification platform that integrates with Kean University’s existing communication infrastructure for sharing critical information. The CampusAlert™ system allows for the most flexible means of communicating with our students, faculty and staff. Whether your preference is a text message, email or a phone call, the system supports any of these options or all simultaneously. CampusAlert™ messages may also be received after the initial user registration by downloading an app to Apple or Android based smartphones.

The CampusAlert™ System is maintained by the Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS), and operated by the University Police.

Kean University will utilize this system to notify our community of the following announcements and/or emergencies:

  • Emergency Campus Events – Alerts to students and staff of security-related incidents, utility shutdowns, weather related closures and events and other critical advisories as events unfold.
  • Information Technology – Provide maximum warning for service disruption and recovery.
  • First Responder Mobilization – Alerts to campus security, police, fire and emergency services automatically.

In order to take advantage of the benefits this service provides; all students, faculty and staff must register by following the instructions below.

NOTE: All students residing in the residence halls or alternative housing are required to register for CampusAlert™.


To register:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create Account”.
  3. Type in your Kean University email address.
  4. A temporary password will be emailed to you.
  5. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration.

NOTE:  If your registration is not complete, your account will be purged from the system and you will not receive alerts.  Providing your cell phone or landline number will generate messages to these numbers as well as your Kean University email account, charges for calls/messages may apply according to your individual service plan.

STUDENTS:  Please update the “Registered Through Date” when setting up your account.  Failure to do so will result in your account being prematurely purged from the system and/or continued messaging to you after you have graduated or otherwise separated from Kean University.

Kean University stresses that maintaining current contact information is critical to the effectiveness of the system and urges students, faculty and staff to update their contact information on a regular basis. All information supplied to this system is secure and will remain private.

To update an existing registration:

  1. Once you have registered you can update your contact info by following the update instructions: Go to
  2. Enter your Kean University e-mail address (or other e-mail address that was used to register.
  3. Enter (or reset) your password.
  4. Update your contact information.
  5. Logout.


Kean University is committed to providing our students, staff, and faculty with services that enhance the safety and security of our community.  Please feel free to contact the OCIS Help Desk by phone at (908)737-6000 for assistance with registering, maintaining or removing an account with the CampusAlert™ system.

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