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Campus Safety

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Campus Safety

Crime Prevention Tips: Kean is an academic community of more than 12,000 people. The campus covers more than 150 acres of land in two municipalities: Union and Hillside. As in all communities, crime is a potential threat to any member of the University community. Be aware that you are a potential victim of crime. We want to assist in helping you protect yourself and your property. To reduce vulnerability to crime, you should consistently practice preventive measures.

Avoid the use of alcohol and other drugs: 

• People under the influence are more likely to be the victim of a serious crime or accident

Immediately notify the University police if any person(s) or activity arouses your suspicion:

• Do not allow strangers to enter residential buildings

• Report any suspicious person or activities immediately

• Avoid isolation

• After dark, always walk with others

• Avoid isolated areas (both indoors and outdoors)

• Use well-lit paths

• Have alternate means of transportation available

• Do not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers

Keep doors and windows locked:

• Do not prop open entrance doors

• Lock doors to dorm rooms, apartments and offices when unoccupied or when you are alone or asleep

• Lock first-floor windows and security screens

Do not leave property unprotected:

• In your motor vehicle and residence room, store valuables out of sight

• Do not leave property unattended in the library, dining halls, academic buildings, offices, etc.

• Record the make, model, and serial number of all valuables and engrave them with your driver’s license number. This will increase the chances that any items that are re covered can be returned to you. Personal inventory forms are available at the Department of Public Safety and Police

Know where Kean University Blue Light Emergency Telephones are:

1. D’Angola Gymnasium - Rear of building facing playing fields

2. D’Angola Gymnasium - Side of building facing Woodland Ave.

3. Campus School West - Side of building facing Service Road

4. Burch Hall/Whiteman Halls - Walkway between these two buildings

5. Hutchinson and Hennings - Sidewalk next to parking lot

6. Kean Hall Parking Lot - Middle of parking lot

7. Downs Hall - Walkway path to Residence Halls

8. Wilkins Theatre (TPA) - Side of building facing Vaughn-Eames

9. University Center - Side of building facing Library walkway

10. Library - Side of building facing Brook/Wilkins Theatre

11. Industrial Technology Bldg. - Front entrance facing Brook/CAS

12. East Campus - Side entrance facing Upper Parking Lot

13. East Campus - Back of building facing Lower Parking Lot

14. Science Bldg. - Room 155

15. Science Bldg. - Room 249

16. Science Bldg. - Room 309

17. Bruce Hall - Room 115

18. Bruce Hall - Room 215

19. Vaughn-Eames Lot - Sidewalk (middle of lot)

20. Vaughn-Eames Lot - Rear of lot

21. Vaughn Eames Lot - Sidewalk by guardhouse

22. Freshman /Upper Class Hall - Walkway between Freshman Hall and Bartlett Hall

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