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Kean University lockers are available to commuter students in the Townsend and Technology buildings. Commuter students may apply for a locker free of charge in the Commuter Resource Center, Hutchinson Room 130 M-Th 12-8pm and Fridays 11am-3pm.  


Kean University is the owner and operator of all university lockers issued for students’ use. The University reserves the right to inspect lockers without notice and to charge students for damage and/or destruction of lockers.

Procedures for locker usage:

  1. Students will be issued a locker free of charge.
  2. All locker contracts will expire on the last day of the Spring semester.
  3. Students must remove all contents in lockers by the last day of the Spring semester.
  4. The University will discard materials left in lockers after the last day of the Spring semester.
  5. Lockers may be renewed as early as the first day of Summer Session I.
  6. Students must be an enrolled/registered, commuter Kean University student.
  7. Students are responsible for keeping the lockers clean; the university does not provide this service. (Lockers may be dusty and dirty from not being used the previous year). 
  8. Students are advised to place an additional lock on their locker since combinations numbers are re-used throughout the years.

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